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Barbeque Cooking

Barbeque - Cedar Plank Fish
We've tried barbeque cooking salmon on a cedar plank and it was heaven. It tastes like a $30 dish at a fancy restaurant in Seattle or Portland. Definitely try this if you're adventurous. The cedar taste makes it a great experience.

Barbequing for Dinner
Barbequing is a fun way to break up the hum-drums of dinner preparation. Plus, oftentimes, you can get the man in your life to help, if there's meat and fire. It brings out the caveman in him, and you get to relax and be served your meal.

Barbequing, a Fun and Convenient Way to Make Dinner
Thereís nothing more enjoyable than having friends and family gathered around amidst the wonderful smells of charcoal-grilled prawns, vegetables and selected favorites. Barbecuing is one of those time- honored rituals that go hand in hand with summertime.

BBQ Food Safety
Enjoy your BBQ this summer and make sure your guests enjoy it, too, with these food safety tips.

BBQ Myths
BBQ myths can tend to sabotage your bbq experience. Here are some myths and what you do instead.

Beach Celebration
Itís not always easy to plan the right menu to take to the beach. The food has to be easily transported, kept cold in the heat and something easy to prepare when you are there. Here are a few ideas to make your day at the beach go a little smoother.

Bourbon BBQ Sauce
The Bourbon BBQ Sauce below is a unique twist on the usual bbq sauces you're familiar with.

Can Corn on the Cob Be Grilled?
Grilling corn on the cob? It is a fantastic way to cook corn with a lot of seasoning and buttery flavor. It gives the corn a delicious flavor so that all who eat it wonít soon forget.

Celebrate Independence Day with Great Food
Ah, itís the Fourth of July and the thought of those great parades, the gigantic fireworks displays and all that great food is in the air. Before you fire up that grill why not take a little time to plan a menu for an Independence Day feast everyone will remember?

Colorful Foods July Fourth
Make your Fourth of July more festive by adding color to your menu. If you are looking for something to serve other than the regular burgers or chicken, here are some ideas that will kick start your gathering and make for a fun filled day.

Creating Your Own Unique Marinade
The right marinade can make your steak a big hit. Not only does it keep your steak juicy but tender and flavorful too. Making your own marinade isn't as hard as one might think. All you need is a little imagination along with some willing taste buds to give it a try.

Father's Day Meal Ideas
Whatís the best gift to give to dad on Fatherís Day? A meal that is fit for a king. Here are five great recipes that any man is sure to enjoy on his special day.

Festive Fourth of July Tight Budget
These days everyone is on a tight budget. Being on a budget doesnít mean that you still canít be festive. Your Fourth of July can sparkle with some of these inexpensive decorating and food ideas.

Food Fit for Your King on Father's Day
Whatís the best gift to give to dad on Fatherís Day? Meals that is fit for a king. Here are five great recipes that any man is sure to enjoy on his special day.

Fourth at Park
Planning a holiday in the park for the Fourth of July? In almost every small town, the Fourth of July is a big celebration. Most towns celebrate with carnivals in the park, having talent shows and tractor pulls. Having all day celebrations and fireworks at night will make for a full day and evening. Here are a few ideas that may be helpful when packing for your day.

Fourth of July Foods
Ah, itís the Fourth of July and the thought of those great parades, the gigantic fireworks displays and all that great food is in the air. Before you fire up that grill why not take a little time to plan a menu for an Independence Day feast everyone will remember?

Gourmet Sauces, Rubs and Marinades for BBQ
Make your BBQ special by adding gourmet sauces, rubs and marinades.

Grilled Vegetables Are Yummy Too
It may surprise you to know that the grill is not just for meats anymore. Now you can cook an entire meal on the grill which is quite convenient and saves on clean up. Just make sure that you make room for those delicious vegetables on the grill top.

Grilling Chicken Is a Snap
Chicken is one of the most popular foods today. Chicken is cheap and easy to get. It goes with almost any side dish and can even be cooked on the grill. Cooking chicken on the grill is great when the summer months roll around and you want to enjoy time outdoors in the fresh air instead of being in a hot kitchen.

Grilling Tips
Grilling is one of Americaís favorite pastimes. Itís not done in just the summer anymore either. People are using their grills year round no matter what the weather may be. To acquire the best meal on your grill, you just need to practice and listen to a little advice now and then. Here are a few ideas that may help you.

Healthy Food Ideas for the Grill
Grilling food is healthier than one might think. The grilling process is the reason for this. Here are some ideas to make your next grilling adventure a healthy one.

Healthy Snacks Too Carry Fourth of July
If your day is planned like most Americans, you may take in a parade, head for the water and then spend the evening watching fireworks. No matter if you are taking your small children, teens or grandchildren, you will want to pack a few snacks to stave off the hunger between meals.

Homemade BBQ Sauce Recipes
Nothing is better during the summer than a homemade bbq sauce. Use these homemade bbq recipes and enjoy!

Keeping the BBQ Healthy
If you like the taste of grilled foods you know that they are hard to resist especially during those hot summer months. Yet many feel that because they want to eat healthy they canít partake in these great treats. Not so. There are many grilled foods that we can enjoy that are healthy and low fat

Pairing Wine with Chicken
Choosing the right wine can enhance the flavor of your meal, rounding out any bitter or sour overtones and enhancing the positive qualities of the meat. But how can you tell which wines will go well with your chicken dish?

Practice Makes Perfect When Grilling Steak
Making the perfect grilled steak can be quite difficult for some. As many people say, practice makes perfect. There will probably be a few disappointments before you reach perfection in this area. This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to start with mediocre products.

Quick Summertime Grilling Tips
At the beginning of summer barbeque grills everywhere get dusted off and cleaned for summer grilling. If you are trying your hand at grilling this year here are a few quick tips to get you started.

Summer BBQ
Summer bbq is a great time for families to spend time together. However, the calories for a bbq tend to get pretty high. Here are some ways to keep your bbq lower in the calorie department.

Tasty Backyard Grilling Condiments
Condiments these days are more then just mustard and ketchup. Many people don't want to settle for the same old stuff. Here are some condiment creations for you to try at your next backyard grilling adventure.

Thai BBQ
What a wonderful twist on the usual bbq sauce recipes. Try this Thai BBQ Sauce version for a delicious bbq meal.

Tips for Backyard Grilling Parties
Grilling out in the warm months of summer with friends is the greatest. Why not host your own backyard grilling party? Go ahead and invite your friends over today for a tasty meal and some backyard fun. Here we will offer some helpful tips to get that party off to a good start.

Tips for Cooking Steak
Steak isn't cheap, obviously. So, make sure you follow the tips below so you cook the perfect steak every time.

Tips on Grilling Shish Kebobs
Kids love grilled food as much as adults do. Shish kebobs are a fun and healthy alternative to hamburgers and hotdogs and can put a smile on any childís face. They are easy to make and actually healthy for those young and old alike.

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