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Healthy Ways to Reduce Salt Intake

When it comes to our foods we expect taste to be at the top of list. To ensure the flavor is lip smacking we add all types of seasoning including salt. Yet salt isn’t one of the healthiest ways to add flavor to our foods. Our bodies may seem to crave salt but it’s not as necessary to our lively hoods as one might think.

Healthy Ways to Reduce Salt Intake

Did you know that all the salt we need each day is the equivalent of a teaspoon of salt crystals? And, most of that is already added to the fast foods that we eat. If you’ve ever read the nutritional information on that cheeseburger you are eating or those fries, you might faint. We are talking about 2,000 to 2,500 milligrams a day. You can get at least half or more in one box of small fries.

Processed frozen foods also are a hidden source of salt. Make it a habit to read labels from now on. You will find a lot of useful information there. If the total salt is given in grams, just add three zeros to the number and you will find out the sodium content in milligrams.

What is it about salt that the body doesn’t like? A certain amount of sodium is okay. It helps to keep muscles moving and the electrical conduction system of nerves working as it should. Too much salt can cause the body to retain water in the tissues. This can manifest itself in swollen feet, hands and face. No one wants that.

Increased salt intake can also raise your blood pressure as a result of the fluid retention. That means your heart will have to pump harder to pass blood throughout your body. This higher flow can lead to stroke or heart attack if you have clogged arteries and high cholesterol.

Ways to Reduce Salt Intake

*Walk away from fast food– This is easier said than done but can reduce your daily salt intake by about 80 percent if you are a person who likes to eat out. Remember, restaurants season their food before it gets to you and you have no way of knowing what has sodium and what does not. Just because you can’t taste it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

*Place the salt shaker in the cabinet– Instead of using more sodium, even light salt and try other spices that add a kick to the dish. Spices such as cumin, curry, red pepper, thyme, oregano, cilantro and others will give foods great flavor.

*Remove salt from everyday foods– For canned vegetables, rinse them off and then simmer in water instead of the juice in the can. Use broth to flavor rice and vegetables instead of salt, high sodium sauces and gravies.

By reducing the amount of salt used in foods you increasing the healthy of your heart, body and mind. Lowering the amount of salt will help to lower blood pressure, alleviate bloating and keep the mind sharp. Try cooking with other spices to give your foods a healthy taste

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