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Unique Ways Prepare a Turkey

You can do almost everything more than one way. The Thanksgiving turkey is no exception to this rule. Everybody loves a slow roasted turkey from the oven. If you want to do something a little out of the ordinary this year, here are some other options for creating a turkey wonder that will be just as delicious.

Three Unique Ways to Prepare a Thanksgiving Turkey

Why not barbecue your turkey? Grilled turkey has a unique flavor and texture. Grilling a turkey is similar to grilling chicken parts. The only difference is that you are grilling an entire turkey. In order to do this you will want to put the turkey in a baking pan. Place the baking pan over the flames; do not place the actual turkey on the grill slats. This will allow you to baste and season the turkey before and during the cooking process. When the turkey is almost finished cooking add your favorite sauce, if you prefer to, this will give the turkey a little extra kick.

How about frying a turkey? Deep fried turkey is delicious. This will require a fryer that is large enough to hold the turkey. Season or inject the turkey with a marinade to seal in the flavor, before putting it in the fryer. Deep frying a turkey will take at least an hour for the turkey to cook thoroughly. The skin of the turkey will be crispy and dark, but donít be alarmed; this is due to the marinade on the outside. Under that crunchy and tasty skin hides the most tender, perfectly cooked meat.

What about having a smoked turkey? Enjoy the turkey fresh off the coals. Try a smoker to cook your Thanksgiving turkey this year. The first thing to do is to clean and season the turkey. After you have done this it is then that the turkey can be injected with a marinade, this is completely up to the cook though. Once the coals have reached the desired temperature, then you can place the turkey on the smoker. Smoking the turkey will take several hours. By placing a pan of water on the smoker this will help hold in the moisture and create a juicy yet well smoked turkey for all to enjoy.

How will you choose to prepare your Thanksgiving turkey this year? Why not try your hand at one of the options listed above, or create your own turkey wonder? Whatever option you go with your family and friends are sure to be pleased with the results. The best part about all of the options above is that by not making an oven turkey there will be more room in the oven for all of the other trimmings.

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