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20 Tips for Making Chocolate Candy

We all know how good chocolate tastes. There are many types of chocolate candy and whether store bought or homemade, many know the joys it can bring to even the dullest of days. For those who enjoy making their own chocolate candy or for those who are doing so for the first time, here are 20 tips youíll want to keep in mind.

20 Tips for Making Chocolate Candy

1. The two types of chocolate Ė real and confectioners. Real chocolate is made with cocoa butter and should be tempered before use.

2. Chocolate has an oil base. Just like oil, chocolate and water do not mix. Unless a recipe specifically calls for water in the chocolate do not combine the two ingredients.

3. When melting chocolate use a double boiler method. Keep the water hot but not boiling. 98 degrees is as high a temperature needed to melt the chocolate.

4. One pound of chocolate will create approximately 32 bite sized pieces of candy.

5. Hardened chocolate can be stored for a long time. Any unused portions should be saved for later use.

6. Using a flexible, plastic bowl when melting chocolate will make clean up easier. Since the water does not need to be boiling in order to melt the chocolate, a metal pan is not necessary.

7. Melting chocolate with the microwave can be done, but it should be constantly watched. Do not use high power settings to melt chocolate, low or medium work best. Only microwave for a minute at a time and stir after each minute until chocolate has been melted to the proper consistency.

8. While melting chocolate on a stove top, stir constantly during melting process.

9. Once chocolate has been melted and shaped, place in the freezer to harden. For smaller pieces of candy, it only takes about five minutes for chocolate to solidify.

10. Store chocolate in a cupboard, not the refrigerator.

11. There are a variety of chocolate flavors. The most common being semi-sweet, unsweetened, and bittersweet. Be sure you are using the correct flavor for the recipe you are working with in order to achieve the correct taste and texture.

12. Chocolate shavings can be made by using a potato peeler on hardened chocolate. Pressing harder on the peeler will result in thicker shavings.

13. To make melting chocolate easier, chop or grate into very fine pieces.

14. A grater can also be used to decorate with chocolate. Use hardened and cooled chocolate for best results. Wiping the grater often will avoid clogging.

15. Do not use a lid when double boiling to melt chocolate. Doing so will allow water to form and mix with the chocolate.

16. Dark chocolate can go by other names in some recipes. These include luxury, bitter, and unsweetened.

17. Bakerís chocolate is considered a lower quality chocolate and does not need to be tempered because it is not pure chocolate.

18. Quality chocolate can be very expensive, so practice with less expensive chocolate the first few times you make a chocolate candy recipe. You wonít be sorry and it gives you even more yummy chocolate to eat.

19. One square of bakerís chocolate is equal to one ounce of chocolate.

20. Learning to cook with chocolate takes time, patience, and practice. Donít give up if it doesnít turn out perfect the first time. After all, something that good canít be too easy to create, right?

Remember you arenít simply cooking with chocolate, but you are creating a yummy treat that is adored by many for good reason. Take your time and pay attention and youíll be glad you did. Read through the recipe and make sure that you fully understand the instructions before beginning and that you have all of the ingredients needed.

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