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A Romantic Picnic Can Be Yours to Share

Picnics are special events, but romantic picnics are intimate gatherings between two people who care deeply for each other. Planning and preparing for these occasions isn't difficult, if you know what to bring and where to start.

Read on to discover ways to enhance the setting, mood, and flavorful enjoyment of your next romantic picnic with a partner who shares your joy for an intimate evening of good food and special moments.

Share A Romantic Picnic and Good Food With Someone Special

Some picnics are meant to be special, and romantic picnics for two certainly fit the bill. This is the type of event where planning means everything, so adding some special and the right ingredients could turn an ordinary day into one you'll remember for many years after.

Of course, you'll want to pick a great location, but what you bring along to a romantic picnic can say the things that mean so much to your partner. Here are a few suggestions for creating a perfect picnic for two.

Setting the Stage for Romance

You probably know a romantic setting when we you see one, right? A candlelit dinner and some soft music are a good beginning, but can you create that sort of ambience at an outdoor picnic?

First, consider the location where you'll be. A quiet spot in the grass by a sparkling lake would be great, but anywhere two people can find a peaceful spot will be fine. You might not have the luxury of driving to a nearby wooded area or beach, but examine the possibilities around you.

Do you have access to a backyard, balcony, or patio, for example? If so, all you need is some strategically placed pillows or cushions to create a pleasant seating arrangement. A low table is also nice, if you have one. You could hang some sheets or tablecloths around the seating area to make a cozy little oasis all your own.

Put some big, chunky candles in glass jars around the table. In fact, lots of candles help create an idyllic setting, and the jars will prevent the candles from blowing out or tipping over. Put a group of candles at different heights in the center of your table for soothing yet functional lighting.

This is the time to use real plates and utensils instead of plastic or paper. To avoid bringing dishes from home, find a local thrift shop and buy some plates, silverware, bowls, and cups, and don't worry too much about matching.

Include some big bowls or baskets for fruit and bread in your purchases. This is another romantic touch that will enhance the look of your food. Use some pretty glasses for beverages as well for a special feeling.

While you don't have to have music, something soothing playing in the background may spark a dance or two, or at least a pleasant atmosphere. Instrumental music is great, since it won't interfere with the quiet conversation you may enjoy together.

Even taking the food to the picnic creates a feeling, as part of the setting. Don't settle for clumsy plastic coolers; use real picnic baskets if possible. If you need something sturdier, an old wooden crate or some old luggage might do the trick.

Bread is the Beginning

A photographer or painter who set up a still life of a romantic meal would probably include a loaf of French bread in the picture. An idyllic image of crusty golden bread promotes a feeling of good food, goodwill, and romance.

Certainly, the French know a thing or two about romance. Also, breaking bread together is a symbol of unity. Whatever the reason, a loaf or two of hearty bread, baguettes, or rolls in a basket or bowl will be essential for a romantic picnic.

This allows you to tear off pieces of bread, add butter or other spreads as you like, and enjoy them together. If you serve sandwiches, some thick slices of French bread or something similar has a special romantic appeal.

Add Cheese for Hearty Flavor

Of course, if you serve bread, you'll want to serve cheese with it. Cheese is another elegant food that inspires romance. There are many varieties of cheese meant to tempt the taste buds with different flavors. A classic Roquefort, Brie, or Cheddar are good choices, especially the aged varieties.

You also can't go wrong with a creamy Havarti, Gouda, or Edam as your cheese of choice. Most delis and cheese shops will let you sample a variety of cheeses to find something you truly love. Be willing to experiment, then treat your loved one to a taste sensation that's brand new. The ritual of eating cheese and bread together is certainly romantic.

You can also serve crackers with your cheese, but you'll need a hearty cracker without a lot of extra flavor. The crackers shouldn't compete with the natural flavor of the cheese, so stay away from spicy, salty, or herbed crackers for this meal.

Think Simple, Sensual Food

Finger foods are perfect for romantic picnics for two. Sharing simple main dishes like sliced meats, vegetables, and fruits will bring you closer together, and should inspire some simple pleasures in the process.

Bring along platters to serve a variety of foods with, so both of you can nibble to your heart's content. No need for plates that resemble a holiday feast - simple bites of fruits and meats in between conversation, kisses, or dances will inspire the right mood during your romantic picnic.

If you still want to serve with plates, remember the light and simple theme. Instead of heavy grilled chicken, potato salad, and corn on the cob, try some slices of honey roasted turkey or pastrami with grilled shoestring potatoes and a light corn relish.

Try some heirloom tomatoes in light vinaigrette or a cucumber and onion salad. There are plenty of light, summer-fresh offerings that make good choices for your main meal.

If grilled steak is on your mind, choose cuts that are easy to cook and share. Petite filets are perfect for couples. Want something more personal to share? Cut up some choice cuts of meat and make a few kabobs. A little creativity will have you thinking of ways to turn regular picnic food into romantic finger food.

Romantic Beverages for Two

Wine is a beverage of choice for romantic picnics. You have a choice of dark, rich wines or light, fruity wines, whether it's red or white. Choosing something you both enjoy, rather than trying to match the food with the wine, is the best way to go.

There are also sparkling wines available without alcohol, if you prefer. Serve chilled or room temperature, it's only a matter of what you prefer.

Another memorable drink for romantic picnics are summertime slushies. Mimosas are popular, but any fruity drink that refreshes will make your picnic special. One example is a refreshing watermelon drink made by blending and straining some watermelon chunks in a food processor. This creates a puree you can add to anything else you like.

Real lemonade is another romantic picnic favorite. Add a few sprigs of mint for a delicious and colorful finishing touch. Take the time to cut up fresh lemons or limes as well. These extra steps add to the care and intimacy of a romantic beverage for two.

Sharing Decadent Desserts

Many romantic desserts call for chocolate. It's a universal delicacy that many people equate with true love. A few chocolate dipped strawberries, a delicate Úclair, a light mousse, or some chocolate-covered cherries could be the spark that ignites a deeper passion and appreciation between both of you.

Think bite-size morsels of delicious desserts for your picnic. Macaroons, mini cupcakes, or other small desserts are made for sharing and tasting together. Truffles are another romantic treat that you can make at home, with little expense or experience required.

There's something special about choosing and tasting a chocolate treat, then sharing it with your sweetheart. It's miles apart from a less personal serving of pie or cake on a plate. Finger-food for dessert is the key to enjoyment and romance in your special setting.

You and your partner are the most important elements to any romantic picnic. Spending a memorable day together and sharing good food and good times is bound to inspire feelings of romance. Everything else just enhances the sharing experience. Take time to prepare a romantic picnic for two, and let the rest take care of itself.

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