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Adding Soy to Your Diet

The benefits and ease of adding soy to your diet.

Soy Is a Healthy Addition to Your Diet

Soy contains many nutrients that can help the body stay healthy. For instance, a soybean contains things such as protein, amino acids, calcium and fiber all things our bodies need to maintain good health. Soy not only provides nutrients but also provides other benefits to help maintain the heart, bones and protect against cancer.

Adding soy to your diet isnít all that hard. Soybeans are one way to go. They can be eaten alone or used in many different recipes. Try substituting soy flour for regular flour or use soy milk instead of regular cows milk. Soy milk can be used in cooking as well as enjoying a glass with breakfast. There are also meats that contain soy. Tofu is an example of soy that can be used in salads or other types of recipes.

Soy can help ensure better heart health. It contains isoflavone genistein that is believed to not only reduce blood clotting but can help prevent the formation of plaque on the arteries. It has been discovered that soy helps to lower bad cholesterol levels and helps preserve good cholesterol. It contains Vitamin E, an antioxidant that is always good for the heart.

Maintaining healthy bones is very important. Soy contains calcium plus magnesium and boron. These two nutrients help to enhance the effects of calcium in our bodies.

Soy can help women who are in menopause. It is shown that women who are suffering from hot flashes and night sweats can add soy flour to their daily diet and help reduce these symptoms drastically.

It is also been shown that soy can help in the battle to prevent cancer. There are types of cancer that studies have shown are linked to high hormone levels. Estrogen is one hormone that has been shown to cause cancer in women and men alike. The genistein and daidzein found in soy have been related to the treatment and prevention of hormone related cancers.

These two nutrients found in soy can prevent the growth of cancer in many ways. They have been shown to block genes and other ways that cancer cells can attach and begin to spread. They also prevent estrogen from entering certain cells in the body. Einstein has been proven to activate healthy genes that help in the destruction of cancer cells.

Soy may seem like a pretty dull addition to your diet but once you know the facts you will see that it is vital to maintaining a healthy body. Try soy in cooking at first and after awhile of eating it youíll be ready to move on to having soy everyday and enjoy the benefits it can give you.

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