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Are Organic Foods Better

Are organic foods better for us? Many people believe they are. Of course there are some people who say No and lots of people arenít really sure. Letís take a look at some of the known facts about organic foods.

Organic Foods - Are They Better?

It is known that organic foods help to make our environment a better place to live because organic foods are grown with no added pesticides. The ground is a safer place to grow our foods because the soil contains no harsh chemicals that can enter the food during the growing process. Animals are much safer when organic foods are grown as well. Granted no one likes the idea of having animals eating the foods they are growing, but because some of these foods are made into pet foods it makes it much safer for animals to eat. Other animals eat the crops that are left behind or grown for the sole purpose of feeding animals. Again this makes it much safer for them to eat. Therefore our environment benefits from organic foods.

Because organic foods are grown without the use of any harsh chemicals or pesticides they are much healthier for humans to consume. Stop and think about this when you buy non-organic foods, especially fruits and vegetables. Whatís the first thing you do before eating them? Wash them. Why do you wash them? To remove the dirt and chemicals that is on the foods. Are they then safe for us to eat? Some say they are and some they arenít. Depending on the amount and types of chemicals, washing them may or may not remove all of them. Common sense will have to make that decision for you, but do keep in mind that many of these chemicals can soak into the core of the foods.

It is also known that organic foods are much richer in vitamins and minerals. Our bodies thrive on vitamins and minerals. Many of us take supplements because we know our bodies are not receiving the required amounts. If you could cut back on some of these supplements because of the foods you eat wouldnít that be a benefit? Knowing that your body is receiving the nutrients it needs in a natural way is very important. Even the antioxidants your body needs to stay healthy can be found in organic foods. Many people would believe that cutting back on vitamin supplements and eating a healthier diet can only be a positive change for your body.

Another benefit of eating organic foods is that they are not full of additives. These additives can be very unhealthy for the human body. Knowing that you are eating foods that are all natural is a plus. Natural foods are full of nutrition and keep the body and mind healthy. Some people believe that certain additives can lead to many illnesses.

Not only are there no pesticides or chemicals used on organic foods but the soil used to grow these types of foods are naturally fertilized. There are no fertilizers that contain harsh chemicals used in the growing of organic foods. Thus the soil is better suited for growing healthier plants. This in turn helps organic foods taste better too. If the food tastes better arenít we more apt to eat that type of food? Once again this will lead to a healthier life and a happier body and mind.

The choice of whether organic foods are better for you is in your hands. Knowing the facts about both organic and non organic foods can only help make a choice that is right for everyone concerned. The jury is still out on this one in many ways for many people, so be sure to do the research and keep an open mind to decide if organic foods are better for you and your family.

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