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Avoid Hydration During the Summer

Oh the wonderful days of summer. The bright sunshine with warm temperatures, the warmth of the sun on our bodies and the sweat are all a part of our summer fun.

Don’t knock the sweat! It’s an important part of staying healthy in the summer heat. This is the way our bodies stay cool while out having fun in the warm bright sunshine.

The downside to sweating, besides the smell, it drains our bodies of all the water we need to stay healthy. If this water is not replaced we begin to dehydrate. This is a very serious condition and replacing our body’s water supply is of the utmost importance in the summer.

Hydration and Its Importance this Summer

There are numerous ways to keep your body hydrated during the summer. The most thought of is to drink plenty of water. The debate over how much water a person should drink in a day is out there, but no one is debating the fact that water is necessary. In the summer, whether you are out in the sun or not, your body needs that extra water to stay healthy.

If you are out in the sun, working, exercising or just having fun, always have water at the ready. It is said that 16 ounces of water every hour are necessary to hydrate the body if you are working out or playing hard. Remember water not only hydrates your body but it helps to remove harmful agents in the body.

Sports drinks that are high in electrolyte balance can also be beneficial to the body. If you are doing strenuous work in the heat these types of drinks can not only replenish the liquid found in the body, but also sodium and other major nutrients you can lose. These are important in keeping the body healthy and can be lost due to heavy sweating.

Fresh fruits and vegetables contain a lot of liquid and nutrients that can help to maintain hydration in the summer. Eat them at breakfast, lunch or as a snack to ensure you are not only eating healthy but maintaining the nutrients necessary to stay healthy.

Try to stay away from liquids or foods that contain caffeine or are high in sugar. These types of drinks such as sodas, coffee and alcoholic beverages aid in the dehydration processes whether you are in the heat or not. They are not healthy for anyone who is exerting themselves in the hot sun.

The bottom line, don’t worry about that sweat. It’s beneficial and can help to not only cool you down but lose weight. Do worry about making sure you are hydrated enough for that sweat to be beneficial and keep you healthy. Drink plenty of fluids, eat your fruit and vegetables and have a fun and happy summer.

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