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Balanced Diet for Vegetarians

Planning and research are the key to ensuring vegetarians get all the nutrients needed in their diet.

Being a Vegetarian and Keeping a Balanced Diet

Many people believe that being vegetarian is the best way to maintain good health. Supporting our animal world is another reason why people think about being a vegetarian. Keeping a balanced diet as a vegetarian can be easily accomplished with some research and a plan. Finding foods that give you the vitamins and nutrients that other people find in animal and dairy products is key to getting the nutrition the body requires as a vegetarian.

Protein is one nutrient that many people believe will not be found in their diets if they are vegetarians. This is not necessarily true. Protein can be found in many different foods that are not found in the meat category.

Nuts, grains and seeds are high in protein. Beans for instance are full of protein and are a part of many vegetarian diets. Many vegetables contain protein such as corn and broccoli. The proteins found in plants are really much healthier because they donít contain the fats and cholesterol that animal proteins do. It is also said that people who eat meat may actually be getting too much protein in their diets.

Calcium is another important nutrient the body needs to maintain good health. When we think of calcium our first thoughts are of milk and cheese. Although these are a good source for calcium they are not the only source available.

Soy products are full of calcium as are green leafy vegetables. Such vegetables as beans and broccoli contain large amounts of calcium. Many fortified fruit juices also contain calcium. As a vegetarian there are many ways to include calcium in your diet to protect and build healthy strong bones.

Vitamins are probably easier for vegetarians to include in their diets than any other diet. Vegetarians consume a lot of fruits and vegetables that are full of vitamins. Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 may be the only two vitamins that vegetarians need to worry about because these types of vitamins are usually found in dairy products. B12 is also found in meats and eggs. One way to ensure your receiving enough of these types of vitamins is by taking a vitamin supplement.

As long as vegetarians pay close attention to what foods they are eating there should be no reason one cannot have a healthy balanced diet everyday. Research foods to make sure you are eating the things necessary to give you the minerals and vitamins and then place those foods in you meals each day. With the right tools you can be a well rounded vegetarian.

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