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Catering In Thanksgiving Dinner

Families come from all over to be together during the holidays. Thanksgiving is a time to reminisce about the days gone by while sharing a meal together. The last thing you want to do is to spend the whole day in the kitchen preparing the meal. Why not start a new tradition this year that will allow you to enjoy the company and the meal? This can be achieved by catering in your dinner.

Catering In Your Thanksgiving Dinner

This idea is not as crazy as it sounds. You may be thinking that you will lose some of the sentimentality of the holiday but actually you are gaining what you really want. That special time with family and friends is what matter the most. You have to admit that preparing the Thanksgiving meal really wipes you out, right? By catering this dinner you will avoid all of that.

Catering is really a very simple process. It is as simple as going to the grocery store and ordering the meal for the occasion. Try to order the meal ahead of time, this will allow you to pick up your food early on Thanksgiving morning. Depending on your location and the store, many meals serve four to six for less than seventy dollars. Many of these places give you the option of ham or turkey with two or three sides and plenty of rolls for everyone. Many of the meals even include dessert as well.

There is also the option to higher a caterer for large affairs. There are a few little things that you will want to do to make this a success. This will not require a separate venue for a caterer, contrary to what many people think. Your home is the perfect place to set the holiday mood, unlike a banquet hall or other hired out place.

If you are having your dinner catered at home calling a month in advance is a good idea. It will surprise you at the number of people who have the same idea. Inquire about catering your Thanksgiving dinner, some caterers may not work on Thanksgiving. As this type of holiday dinner becomes more popular there is likely to be a caterer that will accommodate your needs.

It is important to know how many guests will be coming. For the cost of catering to be worthwhile this will require at least fifteen to twenty people. Keep the meal simple. Most caterers do the set up and the clean up. I'm sure they won't object to you doing the clean up yourself. This will mean less time for the caterer and gives you private time with family and friends and may even save you a little money too.

Want to cut the stress completely out of Thanksgiving? Have your meal catered in. Whether you choose your local grocer or a private caterer, it will be so much easier to let someone else do the cooking than to stress out about it yourself. This will allow you to spend more quality time with your family and friends.

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