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Children and Artificial Sweeteners

Are artificial sweeteners, such as saccharin and aspartame, good for children? Read the following article to determine for yourself.

Beware of Giving Artificial Sweeteners to Your Child

Artificial sweeteners have been the topic of controversy for years. Many people believe they are a quick fix to sugar while others believe they can harm you in more ways than one. Saccharin and aspartame both have been under a watchful eye for years. Saccharin endured the process of adding warning labels to their product but was then considered to be safe by the FDA. Controversy over the side effects and health issues caused by aspartame are still being studied today.

Knowing all of this has caused adults to investigate, if not completely stop using, these types of products. Pregnant women are advised not to use aspartame because of the effects it might have on their unborn child. It has also been recommended that children not use artificial sweeteners because of the possible side effects and illnesses they may cause.

Saccharin is probably the most debated artificial sweetener. In the 70ís, studies linked it to bladder cancer in male rats. The FDA become concerned and wanted to ban the substance from use in all food products. The company who produced it were allowed to continue the use of their product as long as all food that contained saccharin also contained a warning label about the product. They had to make the public aware that the product contained saccharin and that saccharin may cause cancer.

The FDA finally lifted the warning and now allows the use of saccharin in all food products because they believe it does not cause cancer in humans. The American Medical Association is still skeptical and advises children and pregnant women against the use of saccharin. Not knowing for sure is a great reason to not allow your children to consume foods containing saccharin.

Aspartame has been linked to as many as 90 side effects that have been reported to the FDA. These side effects include dizziness, vomiting, headaches, low blood sugar and other minor disorders. These side effects also include larger problems such as psychiatric disorders, vision problems, change in heart rate, seizures and convulsions.

Because of the components in aspartame the sweetener dissolves easily and can end up in the body tissue. This can cause problems not just for adults but severe problems in children. Studies show that Aspartame may be responsible for brain tumors and lesions and other types of cancer such as lymphoma. It is not recommended for childrenís consumption.

Children really donít need to be given artificial sweeteners. Watching their regular sugar intake and giving them things such as fruit with natural sugars is the best way to ensure your child is eating healthy. Give them these benefits while they are young and they will continue a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives.

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