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Choosing the Right Bread Maker

Been looking at those bread makers have you? Think itís about time to dive in and purchase one? Well not all bread machines are alike. Here are a few of the ďtopĒ bread machines that might just peak your breading making interests.

Choosing the Right Bread Maker

Sunbeam 5891

We all know the Sunbeam name from the isles of our grocery store. A long time best selling bread; why not trust their ability to create a bread maker? Apparently Sunbeam hit the nail on the head with their model 5891. With a large digital readout and three different crust shades, this two-pound loaf capacity machine is extremely simple to use.

The only concern with this machine is not the machine itself, but the recipe booklet that comes with it. According to some negative reviews, the recipes call for too much yeast, but the problem was corrected when the recipe was adjusted. All in all itís great machine for a decent price.
Panasonic SD-YD250

Panasonic has been in the electronics world for a number of years and has perfected the art of digital control. The Panasonic SD-YD250 boasts a two and a half pound loaf maximum and having the ability to make just about any bread you can think of doesnít hurt either.

A 13 hour timer allows you to head to work, drop the kids off at soccer practice and by the time you get home, your bread is just finishing the cooling process. Weighing in at 18 pounds, this surprisingly big machine runs so quietly that it almost isnít noticed until a single beep, declaring your bread is done.

Because Panasonic knows how to make quality electronics, the SD-YD250 is extremely simple to clean. With the non-stick pan, the bread slides right out easily, leaving behind very few crumbs or residue.
Cuisinart CBK200

The king of the kitchen, Cuisinart, finally has a bread maker that can stand up to the other manufacturers. Of course, Cuisinart doesnít do anything if they canít put ingenuity into it and the CBK200 is no different. This machine allows for over 100 different variations of bread making and with different audible tones at different points in the cycles, you know exactly when to add fruits and nuts, or when to remove the paddles.

The Cuisinart CBK200 also boasts convection cooking, which allows for an even baking all the way around the loaf. One downfall, suggested by customers, is the thin aluminum pan, which can scratch and dent easily if abused and does not always allow for proper heat conduction. Another issue customerís address is the learning curve to operating the machine. With an automatic bread maker, it should just be a push and go type function.
Zojirushi BBCCX20

The ultimate in bread machines, the Zojirushi BBCCX20 is definitely at the top of the leader board. This machine has settings for numerous types of breads as well as a memory function for 3 customizable settings. These custom controls allow you to set up a cycle for a certain type of bread, combine the ingredients and push one button.

The Zojirushi BBCCX20 also has a large viewing window so you can see exactly what is going on inside and with the double blade kneading action; no ingredients go unmixed or stuck to the sides of the machine. This machine can even be used to make jams, cakes and even meatloaf or lasagna. With a customer satisfaction of more than 6 to 1, this is a great machine to have in your house.

So as you can see not all bread makers are alike. Hopefully this helps you to narrow down your search and helps you in finding the bread machine that will fit your needs as well as making your life in the kitchen a little less stressful.

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