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Creating Your Own Unique Marinade

The right marinade can make your steak a big hit. Not only does it keep your steak juicy but tender and flavorful too. Making your own marinade isn't as hard as one might think. All you need is a little imagination along with some willing taste buds to give it a try.

Creating Your Own Unique Marinade

When you order a steak from a restaurant it is so juicy that it makes your mouth water even before the steak ever hits your lips. On top of the steak is a sauce that can be tasted up to the last piece of steak you eat. This can be accomplished with a little practice and just the right combination of marinade and seasonings. Learning to create a steak marinade just as good as your favorite steak house can be done.

First, you will want to be able to know the difference between a marinade with seasoning and something like a dry rub. Have you ever used a dry rub? Most of the seasoning seems to fall off or get burned to the outside like a thick layer of char. Needless to say, most of the time the meat doesn't taste like the rub at all.

Guess we live and learn. To avoid this from happening you will want to coat your meat with a thin layer of olive oil. This helps coat the meat so that the dry seasoning doesn't fall off. The type of seasonings that you use in a dry rub is completely up to you. If you want a Mexican flare go with the hotter spices such as, cayenne pepper, dried chilies, cardamom and dried onion flakes.

Here are some helpful marinade ideas. The longer you marinade your meat the better. This will tenderize the meat and the flavor of your marinade will soak through the meat, bringing a fantastic flavor to every bite. The marinade's acidic component is what breaks down the collagen in the meat to make it tender.

The first step to marinating meat is to thaw the meat completely. The next step is to trim the fat off of the meat. Combine all the marinade ingredients together in a plastic bag that can be secured tightly. Try mixing a few spices and herbs in a small bowl and add some olive oil and vinegar. Here is a tip when it comes to vinegar. Don't be too heavy handed with it, as it can take over the flavor of the other ingredients. There are seasoning packs and marinades available that work well when you are rushed for time or just don't have the desire to put it together yourself.

Knowing what is in the mix is definitely a benefit when making your own marinade. You are also safe using the packaged seasonings because they usually don't contain any preservatives. You can also use the ready-made sauces from the store, but you will want to be careful adding other ingredients to these sauces. A basic barbeque sauce tastes good as a base but not by itself. Adding extra spices helps to jazz up the taste a bit. This is what marinades and grilling are all about. Don't be afraid to experiment. Go ahead and try your hand at a unique flavor for your next meal on the grill.

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