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Crock Pot Comfort Foods

Long ago, mothers worked in the kitchen all day long to prepare hearty meals like roasts, soups, and casseroles that filled you up and warmed your heart with love. Today, those same comfort foods can be prepared and enjoyed in a fraction of the time, courtesy of your crock pot.

Create Crock Pot Comfort Food with Old Fashioned Favorites

Moms used to take hours putting together your favorite comfort foods, carefully simmering, stirring, and preparing delights that made you feel warm and cozy no matter what kind of day you had. These recipes were passed down through generations of caring mothers, and today those times spark pleasant memories of a simpler time.

As adults today, life is frequently a compromise between triumphs and failure, ups and downs. No reason, though, to let our frustrations follow us into the kitchen. Combining two simple ingredients makes things simple; comfort food that brings a smile to your heart, and cooking with your crock pot.

Here, you get the best of both worlds. Thereís the aroma and flavor of comfort food simmering in the kitchen, and thereís the simplicity that crock pot cooking brings to the table. Let's help you create some warm and fuzzy feelings from easy-to-make comfort foods.

Crock Pot Comfort Foods

Soups are definitely one of the easier comfort foods you can make. Chicken noodle or chicken vegetable soups are popular favorites when the weatherís cold. What makes it even better is that you can make your soups right in your crock pot. The savory broth, vegetables, and chunks of chicken will warm you up in no time, and are highly recommended for help ease the effects of a cold.

Stressful days can melt away in an instant with a hearty beef vegetable soup or a thick chowder. Thereís something special about gathering around the table with your family to enjoy a warm bowl of soup. Using your crock pot creates more opportunity to reminisce and relax while the cooker does most of the work for you.

Chili is another choice for comfort foods on cold, winter days. With warm spices, meat, beans, and tomatoes, thereís a lot to love about an old fashioned bowl of chili. Memories of Sunday afternoons watching football games on TV may be fresh in your mind, with the pleasant aroma of a pot of chili on the stove getting your ready for half-time. Itís a satisfying meal that qualifies as an inexpensive comfort food that brings people together.

Whatís more traditional that a hearty pot roast as a favorite comfort food? Think back to when Dad came home from work and headed straight for the table, signaling the rest of the family to join in. Mom came in with a pot of tender beef, carrots, and potatoes, along with some juicy gravy to pour over the top. Crock pots are especially good for roasts like this, since it tenderizes meat better than any oven-baked roast. In a way, this is the type of meal a slow cooker is best designed for.

Reasons to Choose the Crock Pot

Crock pot cooking is superior to other methods in three distinct ways; these meals will fill you up, theyíre easy to make, and they stimulate the senses.

Think of comfort foods in days gone by, and youíll probably recall the time and effort it took to make something good. Your parents seemed to be in the kitchen all day long. Now, with a crock pot in hand, most of the work is done for you after adding ingredients. You save lots of time on preparation, and you can even accomplish other things while dinner is being made.

Crock pots are the epitome of time-saving convenience, which reduces stress, improves your health, and gives you freedom to do other things. As they say, youíll be able to set it and forget it. Find a place to site and youíre ready to relax and dig into your favorite comfort foods.

Clean up is also a breeze with a crock pot meal. No more mountains of dishes, pots, and pans to wash and dry. Crock pot cooking is, for the most part, one pot cooking, and after youíve put away the leftovers, that one pot is all youíll need to clean.

Crock pots create comfort foods and convenience in the kitchen any day you want something simply delicious. Sometimes, itís as easy as putting ingredients in the pot before leaving the house, and dinnerís ready for you when you come back. Itís no longer necessary to slave over a hot stove all day just to feed your family some satisfying comfort food. Bring back memories of great meals from the past, made more simple and enjoyable by using your slow cookers to create crock pot comfort meals.

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