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Crock Pot Side Dishes

Remember when it used to take hours of time to prepare delicious side dishes like green bean casserole and macaroni and cheese? Today, the crock pot is your best bet for turning out old-fashioned side dishes that bring back memories of how it used to be.

Side Dish Favorites, Courtesy of Your Crock Pot

Crock Pot Side Dishes – From Everyday To Old Fashion Favorites

Everyone can think of some great main courses to prepare in a crock pot, things like stew, soup, or a nice, big roast with all the trimmings. What about crock pot side dishes, though? Slow cookers are versatile enough to handle a number of different meal possibilities, leaving you free to handle heavier tasks, like baking a loaf of bread or cooking a turkey. Here are a few side dishes you can make right in your slow cooker.

Everyday Side Dishes

Things like German potato salad, glazed carrots, and baked beans are a breeze in the slow cooker. All you do is drop in some ingredients, set the timer, and let the pot take care of the rest. Side dishes shouldn’t any more difficult than the other parts of your everyday meals. Saving time with preparation allows you to relax and enjoy your cooking experience more often.

Scalloped potatoes are another side dish you can make in your crock pot. Your family will be busy guessing how you made such a tasty, extravagant dish in such little time, and you’ll be serving it up before they’re done wondering.

Crocks pots are also more convenient than shuffling separate dishes in and out of the oven.

Holiday Side Dishes

When the holiday season rolls around, your crock pot will be ready for you then, too. Green bean casserole is a holiday favorite that cooks just as easily in a crock pot. In fact, the slow cooking time actually enhances the smooth, rich texture of this creamy classic side dish.
You can make a big batch so that your guests can share in the leftovers.

Stuffing, creamed corn, rice pudding, and macaroni and cheese are some other holiday side dishes that are perfect for the crock pot. This frees up your stove top and oven space for main courses and desserts.

If you enjoy soups during the holidays, try a matzo ball soup or French onion soup in the crock pot. By plugging in your crock pot near the dining room table, you’ll be able to monitor the progress of your soups and keep track of other foods at the same time. You’ll be enjoying a great holiday feast for your whole family in less time than you thought possible.

Old Fashioned Favorites

Remember when your parents and grandparents used to make your favorite dishes in a Dutch oven, nurturing the slow cooked flavor over low heat for a long, long time? A Dutch oven creates slow cooked specialties that are hard to match, but your crock pot comes close, in a fraction of the time.

Use your crock pot to cook up old fashioned side dishes like black-eyed peas, green beans and ham hocks, corn pudding, calico beans, or red beans and rice. These are time-tested favorites that used to take lots of prep work and attention. Not so with a crock pot. Once you’ve put together the ingredients, your work is pretty much done. No stirring, no worrying about heat settings.

Take care of your roast beef or chicken in the oven, but use your crock pot to simmer up some old-fashioned side dish favorites. The end result is a filling meal in less time, but with all the flavors of yesterday.

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