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Don't most of us wrap up the perfect dinner with dessert? Thanksgiving is no exception as there are so many wonderful desserts to choose from. Below are some great ideas for Thanksgiving Day desserts that everybody is sure to love.

Scrumptious Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas

Pumpkin pie is the first dessert that everybody looks forward to. In the autumn season pumpkins are a valuable item. Fresh pumpkin can be used for the pie providing that you have the time to do this. There is no problem with using the canned pumpkin either. The family is still sure to love it. By using the canned pumpkin you won't have the mess with all of those stringy fibers.

There are many other things that you can do with pumpkin besides making a pie. For example, you can use pumpkin to make muffins with raisins. Make some pudding with pureed pumpkin then cover it with a dollop of whipped cream and cinnamon.

Why not make pumpkin bread? Many people won't even know that it contains pumpkin. The pumpkin bread can be eaten plain or drizzled with confectioner's sugar or even a lemon glaze. This of course depends on what you prefer.

Many people prefer sweet potato pie over pumpkin pie. Pie bakers can stock up with sweet potatoes around Thanksgiving because they go for around twenty five cents a pound. In many households sweet potato pie is a long standing tradition for Thanksgiving dinner. When the sweet potato pie is spiced up with nutmeg, cinnamon and lemon extract it will disappear before your very eyes.

Apple pie is an American favorite. Several apple varieties are plentiful this time of year and several of them make great pie fillings. Granny Smith apples hold up when they are cooked so these apples are great for pies. The Granny Smith apples are a little tart so you may want to mix in some sweeter apples to cut the sour taste. For a sweeter taste, try adding some Gala, Jonathon or Fuji apples to that pie. When the apples are sweeter less sugar is needed in the recipe.

Dutch apple pies have a crumb topping but regular apple pies can also have a flaky butter crust. Canned apple pie filling can be used but it is definitely not as good as the one you create using fresh apples.

Why not give yourself a break this year? Use the no-bake desserts to supplement the pies, sweet breads and muffins. The kids will love pudding. If you want to compliment the pumpkin bread you've made, butterscotch or vanilla instant puddings work well to accomplish that. The ultimate no-bake dessert is ice cream. Ice cream goes with all the pies and cakes on the menu.

What desserts are you preparing to satisfy that sweet tooth this year for Thanksgiving dinner? Throw in a few easy dessert ideas to the family recipes and make your job a little less complicated this year on Thanksgiving.

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