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Dinner Leftovers

Many people like leftovers while others do not. Many people will eat them the following day, but quickly grow tired of the same thing over and over. If someone in your family is like this here are some ways to fix that problem. We'll begin with an example.

Ideas for Dinner Leftovers

One night you prepare a roasted pork loin and rice for dinner. The family is expecting something else the following night so the pork loin gets pushed to the back of the refrigerator. Naturally, that is where it stays until the fridge gets cleaned out, right? This will not be the case anymore. To keep the pork loin from going to waste we'll do something with it.

Having leftovers the same as they were the night before could be what is turning family members away from wanting it again the following night. The pork loin does not have to be eaten the same as it was the night before. Go ahead and chop the pork loin up into bite size pieces.

In the back of your mind you're probably thinking, what do I do with it now? Using a large skillet or wok, stir the leftover rice with a bag of frozen veggies, an egg, and some of the chopped pork loin to make pork fried rice. After adding a little soy sauce you've created a whole new dinner for your hungry family.

Leftover hamburgers can be chopped up until they resemble beef again. Combine the meat with chili powder and taco sauce to make beef tacos. You can even add some beans, chopped peppers and tomatoes, with sauce to create a pot of chili. With a little imagination there are an unlimited amount of possibilities of ways to use the meats and side dishes from a previous night's dinner.

By using your imagination you can create a little leftover magic. One meal can actually last for two, three or even four more days. It won't be necessary to eat it all in the same week though. Create a new meal from leftovers and freeze it until you are ready to have that particular meal again. This works great because on that day dinner will already be made. All it requires you to do is to heat it up. Yes it is really that simple.

By creating leftover magic your family will be amazed at your ability to transform any meal into a new creation. This is also great in that it saves you money on your grocery bill and the leftovers will not go to waste. Try these ideas and create a few of your own to expand your family's palate.

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