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Drying Fruit

Dried fruits are a healthy alternative to candy. Reach for a piece of dried pineapple or apple slices instead of that chocolate. The sweetness of the fruit is concentrated when it is dried. With every bite there is a burst of sweetness.

Drying Fruit Make It Last Longer

Drying fruit is a simple process. It doesn't require any fancy equipment. A few sealing jars are nice to make storing the fruit easier but it is not a requirement. You can find sealing jars at many supermarkets fairly cheap.

Start by gathering all of the fruits that you want to dry. There are many fruits that make good choices. A few examples are pineapples, apples, plums, grapes, apricots and tomatoes (yep they are a fruit!). If you choose to dry lemons, limes or other citrus fruits, you will want to dry the peels and not the actual fruit itself.

Before beginning you will want to clean and thoroughly dry all fruit and equipment. If you plan on air drying the fruit outside or using the oven, drying racks are required. Some fruit pieces may be done before others so you will want to rotate the trays in the oven. This allows you to remove any fruit that is already dried and replace it with another.

The fruit will need to be sliced in small pieces. Apples will need to be cored and peeled before you slice them. Cut the tomatoes into slices or quarters and salt them before drying. There is no preparation for grapes and plums they are fine the way they are. The skin won't affect their taste.

The microwave can even be used to dry your fruit. Place small batches in the microwave on the turntable tray. Place the fruit pieces evenly spaced. This will allow for air circulation while drying. In order to dry the fruit set the microwave to the defrost setting. Drying the fruit will take about thirty to forty-five minutes. Check the fruit after thirty minutes and if more time is needed you can gradually add it at 10 minute intervals. Tomatoes are not recommended for drying in the microwave. They should be dried at approximately 120 degrees for about twenty-four hours.

These tasty treats can be eaten right away or saved for later. When storing the fruit for later, let it cool before placing it in sealing jars or plastic bags. In a cool dark place these dried fruits will keep up to two weeks.

There are many uses for dried fruits. They can be eaten as they are or as a flavorful addition to ice cream, salads, pizzas and much more. When you dry your own fruits you will save money, they last longer than normal and it avoids spoilage. This is great excuse for eating more fruits.

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