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Eating the Right Foods at the Right Time

If you are trying to combine eating with activity, weight management or weight loss timing is at the top of the list. Sugar for instance is not processed instantaneously for energy. It is turned into insulin and stored as fat to be used later. The body breaks down different foods in different ways. Some of these food breakdowns are stored and others are used instantaneously. This is very important when it comes to supply body energy, weight loss and weight management.

Eating the Right Foods at the Right Time

When we consume food, our body converts carbohydrates into immediate blood sugar, also known as glucose, which is our main source of energy. Depending on our blood sugar level, we will feel energetic or extremely sluggish. Blood sugar levels also have an effect on how hungry we are and what we crave. Finally, blood sugar determines whether we burn fat or store it away for another time.

Insulin is a hormone, produced by our pancreas that moves blood sugar throughout our body where it is used as energy. When the body is overwhelmed with carbohydrate-rich foods, the pancreas produces insulin like crazy to tell the body to start cranking out the blood sugar for the body to use as energy and reducing the amount of blood sugar in the body. Insulin is actually meant to tell your body to use the energy to lower blood sugar.

Our body sees all of the signals that there is plenty of energy ready for use at the drop of a hat and backs off burning fat and starts to fill up the reserve stores. The biggest part to worry about is not the fact that our body stores fat, but when the blood sugar drops afterwards and forces us to crave more high-sugar foods that starts the cycle all over again while just trying to take in more sugar to balance the sudden dip.

Of course simple carbohydrates are the first to be converted to blood sugar by the body, but eventually everything ends up breaking down and getting stored as fat. The trick is to keep your blood sugar levels even instead of this roller coaster of blood sugar. Once your body gets used to having high blood sugar levels at all times, the insulin becomes non-existent to your body, leading to the onset of Type-2 diabetes.

Once your body no longer recognizes the insulin is there to help you reduce your blood sugar, you start storing everything as fat. When you are trying to lose weight or manage the weight you are currently at, having everything stored as fat completely defeats the purpose you are trying to accomplish. Eating the right foods at the right times during the day will help you maintain your insulin levels and keep you from bingeing on sweet treats.

Keeping a journal of what you eat and how you feel afterwards can be a great way to figure out just what foods work for your situation. Be sure to acknowledge those sugar crashes and what foods you crave as well as when you are craving them. This journal will help in figuring out what you eat, when you eat and how it affects you during the day. It’s a great way to get a handle on weight loss, weight management and activity levels to ensure you have healthy eating and living habits.

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