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Eclectic Gourmet on 10 Dollars a Day

An eclectic gourmet is one who isnít afraid to try new things, opening their minds and taste buds to the possibilities of foods from different cultures. In the process, these adventurous cooks often discover new cooking methods and ingredients that create exciting new dishes for their families and friends.

Become an Eclectic Gourmet For Less Than You Think

Being an eclectic gourmet can be lots of fun. By definition, an eclectic gourmet is one who has few preconceptions or preferences for specific foods, making them much more receptive to new tastes and ingredients they might never have experienced before.

These are true food-enthusiasts who look for distinct tastes as a break from the routine of certain ingredients. They also seek out different methods of cooking from foreign cultures, from traditional sauces to the Tandoori of India, there are many cooking methods and varieties to be explored.

Think Long Term to Make a Difference

When eclectic gourmets shop, they think ahead with all their purchases. A large jar of tahini, for example, a vital component of hummus, could be a bit high for the average food budget. Tahini, however, is only required in small amounts, so a jar will typically last several months and prepare twenty-five batches. Other sauces and canned ingredients with a long shelf life, like garbanzo beans, are good choices for the frugal eclectic gourmet.

This long term mindset for some ingredients makes them more affordable, and creates value with less meal planning in the long run. The trick to becoming an eclectic gourmet is buying in bulk to make a number of batches for the foods you enjoy most. There is a dual benefit in being able to try new things that will last later in the year. When youíre craving something tasty but don't want to leave the house, youíll thank yourself for planning ahead in this way.

Baking Doesn't Break the Bank

Baking is another inexpensive way for the eclectic gourmet to experience new flavors. Much like the staple foods we just discusses, baking ingredients last a long time and are fairly inexpensive when you consider the number of uses they offer. Mastering the exotic taste and art of garlic naan or rich, cream-filled pastries from Italy becomes a pleasure when you consider the value of these types of ingredients.

In this way, you can easily take a trip around the world for just a few dollars, courtesy of the well-timed hours you spend with your oven. Consider the fact that there is always some form of dough to go with just about any meal you have in mind. Some doughs you can even wrap around ice cream, like mochi ice cream from Asian cultures.

Using Leftovers Won't Leave You Wanting

Best of all, eclectic gourmets know they can re-use leftovers to make entirely new meals. Last nightís grilled steak and veggie dinner, for example, can be sliced thin and made into a delicious Philly cheese steak sandwich for lunch the next day. Combine some leftover baked chicken with mung bean sprouts and matchstick carrots for a killer egg roll your family will love.

These are some of the hundreds of ways you can cut your gourmet budget down to size. The urge to eat gourmet meals made with exotic ingredients doesn't require you to spend a fortune providing for you and your family.

A wise eclectic gourmet takes advantage of techniques and creative combinations to spice up what they already have at home. Breathe new life into leftovers by creating entirely different meals that stretch the budgets and boundaries of gourmet foods available to you.

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