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Festive Fourth of July Tight Budget

These days everyone is on a tight budget. Being on a budget doesnít mean that you still canít be festive. Your Fourth of July can sparkle with some of these inexpensive decorating and food ideas.

Having a Festive Fourth of July on a Tight Budget

If you shop for your decorations, try shopping at the dollar stores or the dollar tree stores. Most of decorations of red, white and blue for this holiday come out right after Memorial Day.

Making homemade decorations are special and get your imagination going. You can make some Craft Stick Flags, this is how. Paint five sticks red and four white for each flag you want to make and let them dry. When dry, glue the painted sticks together, alternating the colors onto one craft stick on the right side and two broken sticks in the middle and on the left side. Using blue construction paper cut a small square and color white stars with a white gel pen. Turn the flag over when the glue is set. With the blue construction paper glue the square on and glue another stick to the long craft stick on the back of the flag. Let this sit until the glue has set.

Cutting four large stars using red, white and blue construction paper, you can make Stars on a String. Decorate your stars as you would like. Taking one tip of each star fold this over and staple or glue to desired length of red or blue string. Hang the stars around your festive area, where your guest can enjoy them.

When cooking for the Fourth, most families have a menu with chicken in it. If this is the case for you, prior to the holiday, keep an eye out for sales in your local stores for this product. When there is a sale stock up, chicken legs, thighs, all of this will make great barbecue chicken on the grill.

Add some corn on the cob to your menu. This is pretty inexpensive and if you carefully take the silk out of the husk and soak the corn for a short time, you can grill the corn right along with the chicken until it is tender.

Watermelon is one of the most inexpensive fruits that you can buy for the amount that you get. Cube it up, slice it, or put it with other fruits to make a salad. This fruit seems to be a favorite of all guests.

If you are planning to have a backyard get together, have your guest bring a covered dish. Your guest wonít mind and this will bring a variety of food to your party.

Celebrating your holiday doesnít have to cost you a fortune. Donít feel like you have to go overboard with your decorations. Just use red, white and blue paper plates, cups, napkins and dinnerware to spice up your table. If you have a red or blue vase, even a clear vase, fill it with flags for a centerpiece. Try not to overdo and keep it simple. This way you will find it easier to stick to your budget.

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