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Foods to Raise pH Level

If you have been told the pH levels in your body are too high, you can help balance the body's pH level with certain foods. Find out which foods raise pH levels in the following article.

Raising pH Levels with the Foods We Eat

A condition known as Acidosis happens when the bloods pH levels drop too low. This condition can cause fatigue and is known to be found in people who are battling chronic diseases such as cancer.

These pH levels are important if we want to maintain good health. Eating foods that help to raise the pH level in the blood is one way to help maintain good health. These types of foods will not only help with fatigue and low energy but can also be productive for people with diabetes, gall stones and certain types of cancer.

To know if your pH levels are low you should first consult a doctor. They will administer a blood test also known as an electrolyte panel to see what the pH level is in your blood. After that first initial visit to the doctor you may want to test your own pH levels with a home test kit. See your doctor first because home tests are not always accurate and you need a base to go from.

Eating foods that contain alkaline can raise the pH levels in your blood. When the blood becomes acidic the pH levels drop. By eating these different types of foods the alkaline can counteract the acidic factor and help to bring pH levels up.

Some foods with low alkaline that can be eaten if your pH levels are only slightly low are fruits and vegetables. Items such as peas, onions and potatoes are very helpful. Also try eating fruits such as apples, blueberries, pears, grapes, raspberries, bananas and peaches to help you with your health. Almost all fruits contain alkaline so if you like fruit you will be well on your way.

Foods that contain a medium amount of alkaline are vegetables. There are a few fruits that fit this bill such as cherries, pineapple and raisins. For the most part your vegetables fall in this category. Things such as green beans, cauliflower, radishes, cucumbers, beets and brussel sprouts are the best types of foods to eat to aide in adjusting pH to higher levels.

Foods with the highest level of alkaline are broccoli, raw spinach, molasses, carrots, dried beans, watercress, sauerkraut, lettuce, cabbage and rhubarb. These types of food will help if your pH levels are very low. Be sure to check your pH levels before trying these types of foods to be sure which category you should be in. If your pH levels are too high you might want to avoid some of these foods until they level out and are back to normal.

Eating right does wonders in maintaining good health. Knowing the things to eat and when to eat them will be the first step in gaining back your good health and keeping it.

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