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Freezer Containers

Using Quality Storage Containers for Your Frozen Food

The worst thing that can happen to foods stored in the freezer is what’s commonly called freezer burn. Freezer burn occurs when thousands of tiny water molecules turn into ice crystals within the food being stored. The food loses moisture and it blanches the quality and color of the food.

As water in the food escapes and freezes, oxygen seeps into its pores, causing the once-bright color to fade and the flavor to dissipate. Proper storage in containers fit for the freezer helps reduce the potential for freezer burn and saves you money by not having to throw food away.

These are factors to consider when choosing proper freezing containers:

1. Air tight – Make sure the container has a good locking system or a rubber gasket that goes around the top in order to seal out air and moisture. This slows the spoiling process down and keeps the contents fresh longer, since it locks air out of the container.

2. Different sizes – By having a variety of freezer container sizes, you’ll waste less space in the freezer. Also, filling a container as much as possible is important, since there is less room for air to accumulate inside the container. Having different size containers makes them stackable and able to store a number of different food items. No reason, then, to keep raisins in a container meant to hold spaghetti, unless those raisins fill the container completely.

3. Easy marking surface – Containers that have a surface for allowing labeling with markers is important. This helps categorize food items and allows you to add storage dates that identify its contents, especially if the containers aren’t translucent. This will also contribute to a well-organized pantry and freezer, keeping like items together and establishing some storage order.

4. Stacking ability – Modern containers have locking lids, which means you can stack foods more safely as you lock the bottom of one container into the lid of another. This also helps keep foods together and maintains a sense of order inside your freezer.

Good containers make a big difference in how food is stored in your pantry or freezer. It is relatively inexpensive to purchase set of quality containers that meet your needs for freezing foods properly.

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