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Frugal Lunch Ideas

Having lunch is what gets us through that long afternoon. The cost of school lunches these days is outrageous and for some parents it is hard to keep up. Many lunch menus provided by the schools are not as nutritious as they could be. Here are some frugal lunch ideas for your family.

Frugal Lunch Ideas for Your Family

The whole family can take their lunch from home. Eating out with the group everyday can become costly. Insulated lunch bags make it easier to carry hot and cold items alike. When you pack your own lunch you know exactly what is in it. This avoids a lot of unhealthy fats and junk food.

Make your own sandwich. We're not talking about just any sandwich. You can make a wrap, pita, crust-less bread or bun sandwich. The choice is yours when you make it yourself. Turkey with alfalfa sprouts, tomato and onion on a pita or chicken strips with barbeque sauce, lettuce and shredded cheese in a tortilla wrap are just a couple of options. Kids really like peanut butter and jelly with a crust-less bread. Buy the single packs of condiments. These are great in that they allow you to add them later so that they don't saturate the bread before lunchtime comes around.

Why not take bottled water with flavored drink crystals? With those handy packs of flavored crystals water will never be the same again. The best thing is you can find them anywhere and they contain five calories or less. This flavored water is better than soda and the kids will love them.

Have homemade dessert. Walk away from that vending machine. There is a much healthier alternative. Homemade granola can be shaped to resemble candy bars for an after lunch snack. What about dried fruit pieces? They are as sweet as candy bars and they won't spike your blood sugar. Why not make up a batch of chocolate chip cookies and take a few in your lunch?

Veggie sticks are also great to take in your lunch. They can be eaten with your sandwich while dipping them in some Ranch dressing.

In today's world lunch doesn't have to come from the school cafeteria or the local fast food joint. When you pack lunch at home it can be healthier, taste better and cost less.

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