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Fruity Salads

Who needs lettuce for a salad? Lettuce makes a good salad but is not a necessity. Think about all the salads you have eaten and not all of them have had lettuce in them. Fruit is a great substitution.

Create Tutti Fruity Salads

If you are making a fruit salad, think about all the luscious fruits you can use to make your salad. You can use lettuce but it is not your main ingredient. Think about the strawberries, the blueberries and all the other things you can add to make a great fruit salad.

Have you ever been invited to a shindig and been told to bring a dish? You go to your cabinet and find two cans of fruit cocktail. Now what? You have whipped cream in the refrigerator. So you drain the fruit in the can and add the whipped cream and presto, you have something to take. Add some marshmallows or some nuts and it is even better.

Try adding fresh fruit to enhance your fruit salad. The best way to do this is by using fresh fruits that are in season. Berries are great, but try adding peaches, pears, apricots and even melon and kiwi. Mixed together, these will make a fruit salad that people will savor and enjoy.

Fresh fruit salads make a great breakfast or snack for any time of day. They can be used as a main dish or a side dish to any meal or menu. Or, you can even try them as a dessert.

How about a citrus salad? Try mixing oranges, lemons, limes, and even grapefruit together to create a wonderful and unique fruit salad. Maybe add some whipped cream, marshmallows or some sugar to the salad to take some of the pucker power out of it. Bet even the kids will like it.

There are some more unique and exotic fruits that can add some wonderful taste to a fruit salad; like pomegranate, kiwi, papaya and even star fruit. These fruits aren't well known but are showing up on grocer's shelves and in salads everywhere. The taste is fantastic and they are wonderfully presentable.

Since fruits salads are very easy to make, they can become a constant on your table no matter what time of day. Using canned fruit and a few other ingredients, you can have a fruit salad in just minutes. Using fresh and exotic fruits may take a little longer but the taste is not to be beat. With all the varieties of fruits now available, the sky is the limit with a fruit salad and is sure to please everyone.

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