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Grilling Chicken Is a Snap

Chicken is one of the most popular foods today. Chicken is cheap and easy to get. It goes with almost any side dish and can even be cooked on the grill. Cooking chicken on the grill is great when the summer months roll around and you want to enjoy time outdoors in the fresh air instead of being in a hot kitchen.

Grilling Chicken Is a Snap

Cooking chicken on the grill tends to scare some people. The most common things that people worry about with cooking chicken include will it cook completely, what about the bone and will it be dry? These worries can be very overwhelming.

Chicken can be cooked on the grill either boneless or with the bone in. Chicken is just like steak the meat that is closest to the bone will take longer to cook than the rest of it. The darker meat portions of the chicken will also need longer cooking time than the light meat portions.

Use a meat tenderizer to create a cut of chicken with the same thickness throughout the whole chicken breast. This will help in the cooking time. Most chicken breasts are thicker through the middle and thinner on the outer sides.

Boneless chicken is healthier to eat and requires less cooking time. If you wish to marinate your chicken breasts let them do so overnight or at the very least, one hour. There is no need to pierce the chicken in order for the marinade to soak in. When you marinate chicken pieces they grill with a lot of flavor and help to ensure the chicken doesnĺt become too dry.

You will only need to turn the chicken one time during the grilling process, unlike other meats. If you turn the chicken too much it will slow down the cooking process. Once the chicken is done on one side, seven minutes or so, turn it over. This will help the chicken to cook evenly and give you those great grill marks on both sides

On the other hand, chicken with the bones left in will take a little longer to cook. These pieces of chicken will need to be turned a couple of extra times to ensure that the meat near the bone is done. Remove one piece of chicken and cut it, this test ensures that the chicken is completely done throughout the whole piece.

Who doesn't love chicken? Then don't hesitate to throw it on the grill. Grilled chicken is a healthy main course for the whole family.

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