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Grocery Saving Tips

Have you noticed lately the money you have set aside for groceries just isnít buying as much as it did a couple of months ago? Everything is going up. Many food items have tripled in price since the first of the year and things donít seem to be getting any better.

Not only has the cost of food risen but everything else we have to spend our money on is sky rocketing. Trying to finds ways to pinch pennies to keep your family afloat is becoming harder and harder by the day.

5 Ways to Save Money When You Shop for Groceries

Start your penny pinching adventure with your grocery shopping. By following a few ideas that have been shown to work, you will find that itís pretty easy to save money and time on those grocery shopping trips.

Have a grocery list.
When you see that youíre running out of something mark it down on your list. This way you donít find yourself in the store isle thinking about what you might be out of at home and buying things that you really donít need at the moment. This also helps you to keep your supply of staples up to date and ready to use when the time comes. One last bit of advice donít forget to take the list with you to the store and stick to purchasing only the items on the list.

Cut coupons.
Itís not as hard as it was back when. With the implement of the Internet many companies now offer their coupons online. When you write the item on the list take a minute to pull it up on your computer. If a coupon is available print it off and attach it to the list. Also there are many sites and blogs that give you links to company sites that have coupons available.

Each time you shop, go to the same stores.
Trying a new store can be very frustrating. Walking up and down the isles looking for items on your list can cause you to just say ďto heck with it. Iíll just purchase whatís right here and make it work.Ē This fretting and frustration only leads to spending more and not making it home with all the items necessary to complete your meal. Also never shop hungry because being hungry just leads to buying all that extra food that you wouldnít normally purchase. The sweets and fast eat items that can raise that bill at the cash register are usually the items we purchase when we are hungry.

Buy in bulk if you can.
Things that you use often are much cheaper if bought in bulk. Freezing meat bought in family packs or storing extra flour, sugar and the like can not only bring your bill down but can save many a trip to the grocery store. Also look for those great sales. The buy one get one free and those five for a dollar sale can save you a large amount of money and time. Just remember not to buy the things you donít really use. It can seem like a great bargain until you find it in your cabinet six months later and have to throw it away.

Try to buy more staples than prepared items.
Believe it or not making things from scratch can be much cheaper than buying the already put together items. Many items made from scratch donít really take a lot of time to prepare either. Plus the satisfaction of being able to say ďI made that myselfĒ can be a feeling of great accomplishment.

The rising cost of everything doesnít necessarily mean we have to give up some of the finer things we enjoy. Your familyís meals really donít have to suffer. With a little planning and thinking out of the box you can save money, save time and make meals that will be the talk of the household.

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