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Helping Children to Eat Healthy

It seems like a never ending battle with children. They love that junk food. Helping children to eat healthy doesnít have to be the battle of a lifetime. With a little extra give, some sound advice, being an example and a whole lot of love, you can have your children eating healthy before you know it.

Healthy Eating for Kids: Battle No More

Children learn by example. Start them out with healthy foods. Show them how good these foods are by eating a healthy diet yourself. If junk foods are in your daily diet they will be in the childrenís diet too. Kids like to try what Mom and Dad have so give them a bite. It might be surprising what they find out they like.

Donít purchase those unhealthy foods. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables instead of candy and potato chips. Kids canít eat what they donít have. Of course you canít always stop them from eating that type of food when they are away from home but giving them some solid ground to work with can make a big difference in what they choose to do away from home.

Talk to your children about why itís important to eat healthy. Many children go to fast food restaurants because thatís what their friends do. If they know the facts they begin to realize that following along is not necessarily the right way to go. Also let them help you make those nutritious dinners. While working together to fix a meal you can give your children sound advice on why things are healthy and how to fix certain foods to insure they are receiving all the benefits from them. Plus kids love to show off their handy work and will be more apt to eat something they have had a hand in fixing.

Children like foods that appeal to them especially the way they look. Children put a lot of emphasis on the look of new foods. Make the foods you introduce to your children appealing. Use your imagination in preparing new foods to entice your children to at least try it. Donít push but continue to introduce these foods. Have them take at least one bite each time. Before you know it they will be eating the foods you prepared and liking every last bite.

Be sure to make every meal a balanced meal. If you donít add that fruit then itís not available for them to at least try. A vegetable rounds out a balance meal. It may not guarantee a try at first but if itís it there then they do have the option.

Getting children to eat healthy doesnít have to be a hassle. Starting them out from the beginning, not making junk food available and using a little imagination can make it easy for all concerned. Stick to your guns and before you know it everyone will be eating a healthy and balanced diet without much fuss at all.

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