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Herbal Supplement Risks

Learn the risks associated with taking herbal supplements. They may be better than over-the-counter or prescription medicines, but there are still things anyone using, or thinking of using, them should know about.

Herbal Supplements Do Have a Few Risks

When it comes to herbal supplements many believe they are much better for you than over the counter or prescription type drugs. In many ways they are, but there are a few risks with these types of supplements that everyone should be aware of.

For instance, herbal supplements are not regulated like other medicines are. They are regulated as a dietary supplement and therefore the regulations are not quite as strict.

They do have many regulations that they must adhere to before they can go on the market. Any herb that is used to make a supplement is required to undergo testing to ensure it is safe. The problem is that the Food and Drug Administration does not review the supplements before they go on the market.

This doesnít mean they donít pay close attention once the supplements are marketed though. If a supplement is found to be a risk once on the market then the FDA will take whatever action is necessary to ensure your safety.

People with a medical condition should do extensive research before taking an herbal supplement. Side effects can be very risky to people with certain medical problems. If a side effect of an herbal supplement is a rise in blood pressure then those with heart problems or high blood pressure should not take that type of supplement.

Anyone who is having surgery should tell their doctor which supplements they are taking. Many supplements can interact with anesthesia or cause the blood to thin therefore causing problems during surgery. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should talk to their doctor before taking any kind of supplement to ensure it wonít affect the baby as well.

Also supplements can interact with other medicines, other supplements and with certain foods. The best way to ensure there is not a risk with the supplement you are taking is to do research on that supplement. Check out not only the side effects, but what types of substances may interact with the supplement. This will help to reduce the risks and ensure the supplement is beneficial to you.

Herbal supplements are becoming the in so to speak. They are natural and they are much cheaper than both prescription drugs and over the counter medications. Herbal supplements have been around forever and can be very beneficial to ones health if you do the research and pay attention to the risks. Use the same caution as you would with any type of medication and you should find that herbal supplements can be healthy and beneficial in many ways.

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