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Homemade Versus Delivery

How many times a week do we order out for lunch or dinner? The amount of money that we spend by ordering out can be outrageous. What we spend for one meal delivered could easily be two or more meals at home. Instead of calling for delivery pizza next time get the family together and make one at home.

Homemade Versus Delivery

Making pizza with the family can become a new tradition. Choose a day of the week that is convenient for everyone and enjoy the experience together. You can even decorate the dining room table to resemble a pizzeria.

Picking the toppings is the best part of making a homemade pizza. You can have as many different toppings as your heart desires because it is created by you. Go ahead and raid the cabinets and fridge to see what goodies you can use to top your creation.

How would you like the crust to be prepared? This step can be simple or an adventure. If you choose to go the simple way, they sell the already prepared crust at the store. Pillsbury pizza crust is sold in a pop open can or there is also a Boboli pizza crust.

Make your own crust using flour and dough. This can be fun for the entire family. By going this route the size of the pizza can be customized for each and every person in the family. A classic pizza dough recipe can be found on the Internet or just about in any cookbook. Find one that suits your family and go with it.

When the dough is ready for shaping, make a circle of the appropriate size. Fit the dough to the pizza pan. Pinch the edges of the dough around the rim to prevent the sauce from bubbling over onto the oven rack. The next step is the fun part. The dough will be ready for whatever you decide to have on your pizza.

For the sauce you can use whatever kind you decide (store bought or homemade). Be sure to cover the dough to the rim with pizza sauce and top the sauce with your choice of cheeses. It is cheaper to buy a block of cheese and use a grater to slice it for pizza toppings. The bags of cheese that are already shredded only have two or three cups which is probably not going to be enough for the entire family. Fresh cheese also melts better.

Interested in having a little fun with your family pizza creations? See who can make the craziest pizza. Why not throw a little leftover chicken or hamburger on top? If you like it hot, top your pizza with jalapenos. Don't leave out the spices. A pizza just wouldn't be a pizza without oregano, basil and some thyme.

Make more than one pizza at a time. This way everyone can help in the clean up while the pizza is cooking. When they finish cooking then it's time to enjoy your delicious family pizza creations.

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