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How to Maximize Your Freezer Space

If you haven't looked in your freezer lately, you may be in for a surprise. You might have old food items or foods with freezer burn on hand that need to be thrown out. You may have a mess on your hands, and the freezer may actually be working harder than it has to. Check out these quick tips to getting the most from your freezer space.

Using Your Freezer Space to Get the Most for Your Food Dollar

How frustrating is it to get home from grocery shopping only to realize there isnít enough room in the freezer for three frozen pizzas, a gallon of ice cream, and the five pounds of ground beef you bought? Now youíre forced to pull everything out of the freezer and re-organize all the items inside, just to get the door shut. Thereís a better way to maximize your freezer space, you know. Here are a few tips to minimize this type of frustration.


For one, you can increase your freezer space by simply having a range of containers to put frozen items in. Containers stack well and take up less room than bulky Ziploc bags that bulge a bit when frozen. Dedicate a set of containers just for the freezer and youíll soon be stacking items into less space with less hassle.

Freezer containers should have thick walls and interlocking lids. This also eliminates freezer burn in containers that donít insulate or seal well. Thick-walled containers hold up better in the freezer, especially when you stack them together, and these durable storage bins will stand up for many months of reuse.

Removable Shelves

You can also optimize your freezer space by rearranging shelves to fit different size containers. This works especially well in deep freezers, since there is more room for this type of organization. Using freezer shelves wisely makes your freezer more stack-friendly.

If you donít have many shelves in your freezer already, you can purchase plastic shelving from your local general store. Youíll find you wonít have to stack freezer items so high, and the air will circulate around your food better, reducing the load on the freezer and your electric bill.

Keep Clean

A periodic inventory of items in your freezer will also discover some surprises, no doubt. If you froze a half-eaten banana in a Ziploc bag six months ago, youíre not likely to eat it by now. Old items in the freezer probably have freezer burn, and wouldnít taste very good if you prepared them now. When in doubt, throw it out.

Cleaning and purging your freezer every few months also does two important things for you. First, it allows you to keep track of everything in your freezer, so you donít buy things you already have. You can save money knowing youíve got meat in the freezer or a bunch of frozen vegetables that need to be eaten. Secondly, youíll clean the freezer in the process, re-arrange and re-stack food items for better use of the space inside.

These are simple things you can do to maximize the storage space in your freezer. Use good quality containers, add additional shelving if you need it, and clean out your freezer consistently to increase your freezerís storage capacity. Your freezer space runs more efficiently this way, allowing you to enjoy its delicious contents.

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