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Inexpensive Breakfast

In the morning breakfast is the first meal we eat. After sleeping all night our bodies need a little pick me up to get going. This doesn't mean drinking coffee. These breakfast ideas below don't require a drive-thru window.

Five Inexpensive Breakfast Ideas

Get your morning off to a good start with a piece of casserole. Cooking eggs and bacon for breakfast takes time. A casserole can be prepared the night before or over the weekend. Use your favorite breakfast ingredients in the casserole. The casserole will require fewer eggs than scrambling or frying them for breakfast every morning. The casserole may last two or three mornings depending on the size of your family.

Yogurt is another great breakfast idea. This is a healthy, economical choice. When time is not on your side grab a container of yogurt and some dried or fresh fruit. The fresh fruit on top of the yogurt adds carbohydrates. This will fuel you for the morning in addition to the calcium and protein included in the yogurt.

Why not have a breakfast shake? This is even quicker. A breakfast shake can be taken with you. Add your favorite frozen fruit, ice cubes, frozen yogurt and unsweetened juice in a blender. Styrofoam cups will keep the shake cold. The whole family can enjoy a cup on their way out the door. The nutrition content is about the same as yogurt, only there is no spoon required.

The homemade version of pigs in a blanket is also a good choice. Make up some pancakes and freeze them in stacks of three. You will need a couple packages of frozen link sausages. Thaw out a few of those pancakes. Then you can heat up three sausages in the microwave. Wrap up one sausage to one pancake and there you have it pigs in a blanket. To add a sweet taste and less mess you can add a little maple syrup or honey to the pancake batter before making them.

Breakfast sandwiches also taste great. The night before when you are getting things ready for the next day, grill up a few breakfast sandwiches. You can choose whatever you like: turkey or ham slices, tomato, bacon, etc. After the sandwich has cooled you can cut it into bite size pieces and store it in a container. When you wake up in the morning just grab the container, put it in the microwave for fifteen or twenty seconds and then breakfast is ready to eat.

These are both time and money-saving breakfast ideas. It allows you to use the items that you normally buy and whatever else you have around the kitchen to create a delicious breakfast. You will have no more excuses for skipping breakfast or stopping by a fast food restaurant every morning.

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