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Is Cardio Fasting Safe For Me?

Exercise is an important part of keeping our bodies healthy. Have you ever heard of cardio fasting? Itís fast becoming the new rage but many are often wondering if itís safe. When you break it down itís exactly what it says it is. Cardio mean aerobic activity that will increase endurance and fasting means to go without food. Sounds kind of scary doesn't it? It can be. Letís take a look to see if itís safe.

Is Cardio Fasting Safe For Me?

Cardio fasting refers to exercising on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. The theory is that if you work out before you have had time to ingest any calories, the body will burn stored fat for fuel and you can give your weight loss a boost. Of course, you will have to perform this cardio fasting three to five times a week.

Letís back up a bit now. When you go to bed, you have probably not eaten a thing for at least an hour or two before retiring. After six to eight hours of sleep you will have been without food for almost ten when you wake up. The body is hungry and needs food to rev up that metabolism again.

According to those who swear by cardio fasting, getting in a 30 to 45 minute workout first thing in the morning helps to start the metabolism. This form of metabolism jump start isnít with the food you had for breakfast but with stored fat.

Here is what others are saying. Cardio fasting is good in theory, but you have to consider the following to determine if itís right as well as safe for you.

Are your workouts shorter? Because your body is depleted of nourishment, you will tire out easier and be more tired after the workout, which can put a kink in your dayís activities.

Do you find yourself starving? After ten hours and almost an additional hour of hard activity, you will want to eat the world if it were served to you on a platter. This can derail your diet plans from the start if you donít have something ready to be eaten.

Are you gaining any ground? You could be sacrificing your health for just a few calories. Since your workouts are shorter, you are not burning as many calories to start with. First thing in the morning you wonít go as hard and fast as you would later in the day. And, if you arenít eating enough protein, you will experience cravings and muscle mass problems. You could actually be breaking down valuable muscle by skimping on the protein with a regimen like this.

Is cardio fasting for you? Only you and your doctor know that for sure. Look at the benefits and weigh the drawbacks then talk to your doctor to be sure that itís a safe effective way for you to start your day.

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