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Jazz Up Simple Dishes Affordably With One Ingredient

Variety, as they say, is the spice of life, and this article explains how easy it is to create tasty new meals by choosing a few versatile ingredients. Jazz up these simple dishes by thinking outside the box with fresh food ideas you might not have thought about before.

Freshen Up Simple Dishes On a Budget With Choice Ingredients

There are hundreds of single ingredients you can add to simple dishes to transform their flavor profile in a snap. Yes, one simple ingredient can make everyday meals into gourmet creations. Some simple spices like rosemary added to your baked chicken and potatoes or a different Hawaiian pizza topping like prosciutto instead of chunks of ham can make all the difference in taste. Here are three versatile ingredients that can jazz up almost any dish you’re thinking of.

Heavy Cream

Heavy cream has a way of instantly transforming almost any compatible dish you add it to. Sour cream can also be added as a substitute, but heavy cream has a certain quality that enriches foods naturally.

Chicken Parmesan is a perfect example of a dish that benefits from a little cream in the mixture. For a delicious alternative to the traditional recipe, try adding heavy cream to the tomato sauce. By doing so, you’ll be adding a rich, creamy dimension to the sauce while toning down the acid from the tomato.

Heavy cream is also a great addition to chili or soups. Sometimes beef and barley soup flavored with beef stock seems a little too blend for some tastes. Adding a little cream gives the stock a healthy boost and adds depth to the overall flavor.

Heavy cream becomes a great resource to keep around as a cure for dinner doldrums. You Heavy cream even works with certain breakfasts like scrambled eggs or french toast, adding a light and fluffy texture to the mixture.


Capers may be small, but they’ve certainly made a big impact on the culinary scene over the years. Capers add a swift kick to foods that bring their natural flavors alive. These small pickled berries have a distinct salty, vinegar taste that transforms everyday house salads into a Mediterranean feast your taste buds will thank you for.

Capers are also a great additive for meats and pastas, renewing your love for bland carbohydrates. Many cultures have been introduced to this simple, flavorful ingredient and are using it as often as American chefs do. Once you’ve gotten over the initial hesitation of experimenting with this wonderful ingredient, you’ll enjoy finding new combinations to experiment with. The unique flavor profile of capers make them one ingredient well worth giving a try.


Pesto is a lively ingredient being used in more and more dishes every day. Some people have created their own renditions of pesto at home, and the simple list of ingredients means putting some together isn’t difficult at all. Pesto is simply a mix of garlic, basil, pine nuts, and olive oil. If you’re not in the mood to pull out your food processor, you can purchase ready-made jars of pesto at your nearest grocery store.

Use pesto to dress up any pasta dishes or grilled meats you’re cooking today. It also makes a fantastic substitute for mayonnaise in sandwiches. Pesto can be utilized like any other condiment, and simple ham sandwiches, for instance, can become exotic delicacies just by spreading a little pesto love between your favorite toppings.

See how one simple ingredient can jazz up simple dishes in unique ways? These items offer your family and affordable solution to add punch to things you already love without having to change the foods you eat. Use these and other ingredients to create fresh meal plans you’re loved ones are sure to enjoy.

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