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Low Cost Healthy Eating

With today’s economy being what it is we are all looking for ways to save our money. Many of us are also looking for a way to eat healthier. Believe it or not you can eat healthy and save money too. There are a number of healthy foods available that are not at the top of the money chart. As most of us know it does cost less to eat at home. A home cooked meal under your watchful eye is always much healthier than eating out where someone else makes the ingredient choices for us. Here are a few high quality healthy foods that will fit into just about anyone’s budget.

Low Cost Healthy Eating

The Many Varieties of Beans

No matter if you buy bean from the bulk isle or get them in a can, they are cheap and packed with protein. Out of the hundreds of varieties, there are countless numbers of ways to utilize beans in your cooking.

Brown Rice to the Rescue

Not only is brown rice healthy, with around 4 grams of protein, 2 grams of fiber and only 170 calories per serving, it is dirt-cheap. The great thing about rice is the servings are measured by dry volume, which means, when the rice is cooked, your serving size nearly doubles. Brown rice can be used in burritos, casseroles, fried rice and is even hearty enough to stand up in many stews.

Frozen Produce

Many people have the misconception that fresh fruits and vegetables are the best way to go. It turns out that many of the fresh produce you see in the store, is actually around a week old by the time you pick it up and give it a squeeze. Once picked, produce begins to lose its nutrients, so by the time it gets to the store, there aren’t much of the original nutrients left.

Frozen produce is typically flash-frozen 24-48 hours after picking, locking in the highest concentration of nutrients available. Since they come in packages, they tend to be cheaper by the pound than their plump partners and can store for longer periods of time. The next time you go to the store, take a look at the price of frozen spinach versus fresh spinach. Even if they are priced around the same mark, think about how long the fresh spinach has been sitting there

Quinoa Alternative to Pasta

For the group of people who must have pasta at least three times a day, quinoa is a great alternative without all of the carbs and for a fraction of the price. Finding quinoa in the bulk isle is a steal; it is easy to prepare, completely healthy and cheap as all get-out. Quinoa is more like a grain than pasta, but can double in some of the same ways that pasta does, plus it is a great addition to salads.

The Versatility of Oats

Oats are one of the most, if not THE most, versatile foods around. They taste like whatever you cook them with, they can be creamy or crunchy, baked, fried, sautéed; you name it, oats can probably do it. The bigger the container, the cheaper it will be. Oats are loaded with fiber and contain a decent amount of calories for the serving size.

You don’t have to go broke to eat healthy. One thing to remember, keep the meals as simple as possible. Simple meals are the best way to make sure that all of the healthy aspects of the food remain while still being able to enjoy the taste of the food. Head on out to the store and pick up a few of these inexpensive but healthy foods. You might be surprised when you create a healthy meal while keeping that money in the bank.

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