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Make it Homemade Pizza Tonight

Itís six pm and you know the family is starving. You see their favorite fast food restaurant and decide to pull in, grab dinner through the drive-thru and head for home.

Does this sound familiar? How many times a week does this scenario occur at your house? Itís fast, itís easy but do you know just how expensive it can be? What about making pizza it at home? The whole family can join in and make it a family night to remember.

Homemade Pizza is the Best Made Pizza

Homemade pizza is not only a treat for the entire family but itís a great way to spend some quality time together. It might surprise you when you start looking through your refrigerator at the items you already have to make some great tasting pizza. In fact you donít have to make just the traditional pizza. A fruit pizza or vegetable pizza made with cream cheese or ranch dressing can be a great dessert pizza or appetizer for a hunger family.

Start with the pizza crust. Not everyone likes theirís the same way. Thick, thin or however you like it making the crust can be fun and pretty easy to do. Making a pizza crust from scratch can be an adventure. Flour, water and a little elbow grease and you can make a pizza crust that is out of this world. Not only will it taste great but each member of you family can customize their crust to just the way they like it. Of course if youíre not into an adventure you can buy already made crust at your local grocery store.

Next comes that great sauce. Again you can prepare your own or you can buy some very tasty pizza sauces at the store. The sauce should be spread evenly on the dough and out to the rim of the pizza. Donít forget the cheese! Thatís the next step in a great tasting pizza. You can purchase cheese already shredded if you prefer but the most economical way is to buy block cheese and use the grater. Cheese that has been shredded with a grater also melts much easier. Any type of cheese will work but Mozzarella cheese is usually the favorite.

Now comes the best part, the toppings. Use your imagination. You can put just about anything you like on a pizza. Ground beef, chicken, pork or even seafood can make a pizza. Include vegetables and you have a pizza thatís right up there with the best of them. Heck you can even make a salad pizza or a Hawaiian pizza by using some ham and pineapple chunks.

Have a little fun with your family and see who can come up with wildest pizza. Shapes can be fun too. You may need to purchase a few of those aluminum pizza pans to have enough to go around but they are pretty inexpensive and can be used again if you use a little extra care with their cleanup. Speaking of cleanup instill the whole family in that cleanup. A little work only makes that pizza taste even better.

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