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Making One Pot Wonder Meals

Think about how easy it could be to cook dinner in one pot. Less to clean up, less preparation time, less stress. That's a winning combination, to be sure. After reading this article, you'll be convinced that making one pot meals is the answer to busy lives and tight schedules.

Cooking Up One Pot Wonders

If you’re looking for the most stress free cooking you can create, look to one pot meals for the answer to your quick meal prayers. As the name implies, one pot meals create very little in the way of dirty dishes, they’re simple to make, and can be just as delicious as more elaborate five course meals. What is it that makes one pot meals so versatile? Read on to discover why the list of advantages with one pot wonders is long.

Benefits of one pot

One pot - it doesn’t get much easier than that, other than no pot, which means your meals are composed of sandwiches and chips. Not very exciting. A one pot meal takes the least amount of kitchen hardware possible and still creates a fantastic meal for your family. The added benefit of spending more time with them instead of your pots and pans is icing on the cake, so to speak.

You can even use that same pan as a serving dish if you want to. Hey, if you’re just cooking for yourself, who’s going to know? Seriously though, one dish meals are typically associated with comfort foods, and comfort in cooking is a good thing. One pot meals have been around for a long time, it’s just that sometimes we forget how simple dinner can be. Making soup or stew with vegetables, then adding the day’s hunted game to the mixture is something settlers did long before we thought of it.

It’s also important to note that one-dish meals can be quality, wholesome meals that satisfy your appetite and health equally well. If you take care to include some vegetables, meats, and starches in these meals, you’ve covered the different levels of the food pyramid quite nicely. A hearty one pot meals prepares our minds and bodies for the next day, and satisfies our hunger from the work we’ve done today.

Simple or complex

One pot meals can be simple or complex. Some meals have only three ingredients, while others can have from twenty to fifty. With one pot meals, you decide how complicated you want to be, how long you want to be in the kitchen.

A meal like this also gives you lots of leeway to either “set it and forget it” or nurture something like a savory, delicious pulled pork for your evening meal. The range of possibilities extends from 5-alarm chili with thirty ingredients to a a delicious Greek baked chicken that does most of the work for you.

Heck, some college kids only have one pot or pan in their kitchen anyway, and many adults are giving up kitchen clutter and dropping down to a few trustworthy pots and pans for all their family meals.

If you’re up to the challenge, use only one pot or pan for a week to see what you can do with it. If it works for you, try it for a couple more weeks. You might be surprised at the amount of possibilities you can muster with just a single pan. Let’s face it, not only does it simplify your kitchen life, but it saves lots of cabinet space, too.

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