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Memorable Desserts for Your Next Summer Picnic

Your summer picnic guests have put faith in you, by asking that you come up with another fabulous dessert for the occasion. Fortunately, you know how to keep things simple with a slew of recipes that can bring people to the table with excitement. These ideas are simple to make, yet provide an extra special touch to your outdoor fun time.

Make Some Fabulous Desserts for a Summer Picnic They'll Remember

Here's the situation. You've received an invite to a picnic, and they’re asking you to bring a dessert. You don’t want to bring something 'conventional,' but rather a memorable picnic dessert that will knock their socks off. Here are some ideas for culinary contributions that will make you proud to say, "Yes, that's mine."

Make It Easy On Yourself

First thing is, don’t slave away in the kitchen for hours trying to come up with a dessert that delights the crowd. Secondly, consider that picnic food should be portable, something that holds up well outdoors and is easy to transport.

If you think simple, you’ll be in great shape. Something like key lime cupcakes sounds gourmet, but they're super simple to make, and they transport well. Whip up some banana bread with walnuts for a hearty dessert with some crunch to it.

Summertime means you've got lots of colorful, healthy berry salads to choose from, with a little honey and vanilla drizzled over the top. Another simple dessert is grilled pears or peaches with butter, sugar, and cloves, which you can eat when cool or re-heat on the grill when the hot dogs and burgers are done.

Brownies, cupcakes, and cookies present endless combinations and they'll keep fresh all day long in air-tight containers. Want a little exotic flair in your recipes? Try adding cream cheese, sour cream, granola, or ganache in your recipes, and watch the eyes light up with surprise when your guests bite into what they assume will be an ordinary cupcake.

Summer Pies

Pies are the glory of any summer picnic or cookout, whether you stay with the classics or branch out into something a little fancy. Pies also travel well for picnics, and they don't have to be reheated to enjoy. Seasonal favorites like raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, rhubarb, or peach will do just fine, or you can choose some old fashioned favorites like banana cream, apple, or coconut cream.

Pies also have endless varieties, and ready-made crusts, cheesecakes, and no-bake pies provide the right kind of dessert to make the day seem complete. If you're feeling frisky, you might try some pies that are a little more adventurous, like a cream cheese with mandarin oranges or kiwi fruit mixed in, or a delicious peanut butter pie.

No Bake Alternatives

Not in a baking mood? No problem. You still have plenty of smoothies, popsicles, tarts, fruit salads, parfaits, and other frozen desserts to keep the whole crowd happy. There's room for adventure here, too, with things like Italian gelatos and tartufos, cantaloupe popsicles, sorbets and sherbets.

Gelatin salads are also perennial favorites at a summer picnic. Add some berries or other fruits and either whipped topping or ice cream to make your creations fluffy and sweet, much to the delight of your picnic guests.

Keeping frozen treats frozen is sometimes a problem at a summer picnic, but there are still lots of no bake options to consider. For instance, 'drop' style cookies are pretty easy to make, and you can find a fun recipe that'll even get the kids involved in helping to make them.

In this case, all you do is drop teaspoons of cookie dough onto a cookie sheet and allow them to harden at room temperature or in the refrigerator. This is a simple and tasty treat that allows you to go easy on the effort in putting them together.

There are so many wonderful picnic desserts to make that creative minds will find it easy to be original. No matter how often you’re called upon for another fantastic finish to your summer picnic, rest assured you can still keep it short, sweet, and simple with memorable desserts for your family and friends.

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