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Picnic Tips with Baby and Toddlers

Picnics are a special time for parents and kids. If you have a new baby or small toddlers, there’s no need to back out of the family picnic. Packing a few extras will keep parent and baby happy.

Children need to be protected from the sun. Choosing a sunscreen with an SPF of fifty or higher provides adequate protection for baby and the rest of the family. A waterproof formulation won’t wash off when they perspire.

Hats are also a good idea. Babies don’t usually have much hair. A hat avoids scalp burns from the sun and keeps the sun out of their eyes at the same time. The hat band will catch most of the sweat, keeping it out of their eyes.

Bring a stroller with you. Even if your toddler is walking, they will not want to walk the entire duration of the picnic. Without one, you will need to carry your child when little lets give out. A stroller can go anywhere that you go. If you want to take a walk, but your toddler doesn’t, let them ride along in comfort. For babies, a stroller is more convenient than carrying them around in a carrier all day.

Pack plenty of baby wipes and diapers. Eating with a toddler can get messy, especially when it comes to dessert. Wipes keep their hands clean of germs during play and sticky stuff after eating. Some parents bring too few diapers. It is better to have too many than not enough. No one wants to leave the picnic early due to diaper shortage.

For babies, bring enough formula for feedings. To avoid the possibility of milk spoilage, use powdered formulas for picnic outings. Since water doesn’t spoil, you can mix a bottle whenever you need it.

Extra outfits come in handy with small children. Accidents do happen and a child may need a change of clothing. Your baby will stay clean and fresh throughout the picnic.

Some children may be too small to play games with the other kids at the picnic. Bringing a large waterproof blanket gives him/her a place to play to themselves. Their favorite toys can be spread around the blanket. If you are at the beach, bring shovels and a bucket for fun in the sand.

Mosquitoes and other bugs love to hang out at picnics. Protect your baby or toddler with a child safe form of bug repellent. Lotions provide greater coverage than sprays. Some bug repellents contain sunscreen for double protection.

Having little ones in tow at a picnic doesn’t have to be a drag. Planning ahead for their presence means safety and lots of fun.

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