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Raw Food Diets

Raw food diets have been around since before the 20th century. It hasnít been until recent years that people have started to talk about the health benefits from raw foods. Due to the growing attention to raw food diets people are beginning to ask just what they are and how they benefit our health.

Raw Food Diets and Their Benefits

Today there are a number of raw food diets. All types of these diets have something in common though. 75% of all foods must be eaten raw or foods can be warmed to only 105 degrees Fahrenheit to be consumed.

The Primal diet consists of eating only fatty meats, dairy products and vegetable juice. Raw Foodism is another type of raw food diet and basically says that any food can be consumed. Raw vegans eat only sprouts, legumes, seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables.

There are many benefits from eating a raw food diet. Many feel it increases energy. Exactly why energy increases is not really known. One idea is because in a raw food diet there are no refined sugars. Therefore there is no instant sugar high. The natural sugars are processed through the body differently giving us the energy we need all day. It has also been said that raw foods metabolize into energy much easier than cooked foods.

Another benefit purported by believers is that raw foods are easier on the digestive system. Due to the enzymes found in raw foods the stomach produces less acid making digestion easier. This also helps to reduce indigestion and even acid reflux.

Most of us would agree a raw food diet promotes weight loss. It is low in fat and fewer in calories because most of the foods eaten are plant foods. It also is believed to burn calories because the digestion of these types of foods burn more energy.

Some of the other health benefits include improvement in skin conditions. It is also said to reduce the risk of many diseases including heart disease. Due to the high nutrients in raw foods and a lower amount of fat being ingested, it is only fair to say that a raw food diet is a healthy way to go.

If youíre looking for a way to become healthier give the raw food idea a try. You have to admit it is much simpler in the food preparation and probably much cheaper in the end too. With it becoming increasingly popular it is much more accessible if you want to give it a shot.

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