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Salad Dressing

What is the first thing you think about when you make a salad? It's not the toppings; you already know what they are. It's what dressing do I want to put on my salad.

Savor the Flavor of Salad Dressing

You already know that you are going to use lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggs, bacon bits and other scrumptious toppings, but what about the dressing? How do you make that decision? Let's think about the choices you have.

How do we make that choice? Many salad dressings are high in calories. But no salad is a salad without the dressing. So how can you make the best choice for your salad? Most people think that the more dressing the better the salad but unless you are trying to gain weight some choices may not be the best for you. Let's look at some of the choices that are available to you.

If you have ever been in a grocery store, you know that the minute you walk down the salad dressing aisle, you see about a hundred different choices. You see brand names like Kraft, Hidden Valley, Wishbone and the ones named after celebrities. You can choose whatever you want. But how do you make the most from your decision. Most salads taste good with any of these unless it is a specific type of salad. All you are looking for is the best flavor for your salad.

When eating a specific type of salad, like a Caesar salad try a Caesar salad dressing. If you are having a Cobb salad, then you want to choose a green goddess salad dressing. But if it is a regular salad, what do you do?

If you are making your own salad, you probably know what kind of salad dressing you like. Your taste buds tingle just thinking about what you are going to put on your salad tonight. You already know which salad dressings you like. But you can always be adventurous and try something new if you want.

When you eat a salad you are thinking it is a healthy thing to do. But depending on the dressing, some are healthier than others. Think about pouring that dressing over your salad. Do you pour it on so that you can't see the vegetables or do you just put enough on to enhance the flavor of your choices? You are probably thinking of the taste factor instead of the health factor when you do this.

Have you ever read the label on a salad dressing bottle? Most dressings contain as much as 11 grams of fat per serving. A serving of regular dressing is about 2 tablespoons. This is not necessarily a good choice for most of us. We can fix that. Those same grocery store shelves carry low fat, low calorie dressings that actually taste about the same. The cost is the same and isn't that great for your health?

Try making some of your own salad dressings at home. Canola and olive oil with flavored vinegar are the basis of a lot of store bought dressings. You can add your own unique set of spices to them to create your own flavor to savor.

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