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Salad for Supper

What do you think of when you think of salad? You think that it is the first course of your meal, right? Thereís lettuce and some cheese, veggies and salad dressing. Maybe you think about your favorite salad bar at the local restaurant. Anymore, you can make a salad the main course and only course of your meal.

Salad for Supper - No Meat for Dinner Tonight

Why not make a salad your healthy choice for dinner? People are more into healthy choices and you can create a huge taste sensation with your salad. You can make them in a hurry and still fill you up, no matter how big or little your stomach is.

If you go to a restaurant, you can order a taco salad, a chef salad or a side salad to make you happy. But the salad bowls they serve taco salad in donít have to be just used for taco salads. Use it for your favorite home salad too. Itís the best way to make a salad and still eat everything on your plate. You can also use pita bread and nacho chips to accomplish the same thing. Salads are very versatile and can be served in many different ways.

Lettuce is usually the first thing you use when you make a main course salad. You can use meat for a meat based salad or you can use vegetables to enhance your salad. What about the pasta salads you see? Seafood, like tuna or shrimp can be a great start but you still want those lettuce leaves to be the basis for your salad.

What are your favorite vegetables in your salad? Cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms, cauliflower, and peppers are a great choice for your main course salad. The choices are yours to put in your salad. Your taste buds rule what you do. When you choose your vegetables for your salad, you can make it the more the merrier or less is best. You get to choose.

Ok, now imagine your favorite salad barÖmeats are on there. You have ham, turkey and chicken on some of them. Some even have seafood on them. Why not add those to your salad? These are great flavor enhancers to any salad. Lettuce and vegetables sometime canít quite get there by themselves. But with the other choices, you can make something really great.

You still want to top your salad. You can still use croutons, nuts, sesame seeds, coconut flakes, to top your salad. But you canít forget the choices of cheeses and diced or sliced hard boiled eggs to help make your salad more substantive. Your salad is yours.

You know that you donít have to stick with the American version of salads. You can add chow mien noodles or more to give your salad more flair. And donít forget that you get to choose which dressing you use. The choice is yours.

Salads were once known as rabbit food but not anymore. Create your greatest taste sensation to make your greatest main course salad your own. You are the boss and your rule!

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