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Save Your Skin: Eat Your Fruits and Veggies

Skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer. Here are some ways that you can help protect yourself and your skin.

Save Your Skin: Eat Your Fruits and Veggies

There are studies that show eating fruits and leafy green vegetables can help prevent the onset of skin cancer. It is also shown that fruits and leafy vegetables can help prevent a reoccurrence if you have previously had skin cancer. So go ahead and eat those fruits and veggies you will be healthier for it.

Leafy green vegetables are known to contain many vitamins and minerals. Did you know that spinach contains vitamins C and E along with folic acid? These are essential vitamins needed in your diet. And you thought only Popeye could benefit from spinach. Everyone can benefit from leafy green vegetables.

Antioxidants are very important to your diet. These help cleanse the body and keep out substances that enter the body and have damaging effects. Brussel Sprouts are just one green vegetable that is very high in antioxidants contrary to popular belief.

Another great way to get antioxidants is by eating fruit. There are a variety of fruits that you can incorporate into your diet. Fruits such as red or purple grapes, dark colored berries and pomegranate have an effect on your skin. Not only do they help prevent skin cancer but they also help slow the skin aging process.

Pomegranates are known to reduce the damage that can be caused by the sun. We all know that UVB rays can cause significant damage to our skin. Adding pomegranates to your diet can help you fight off these effects and keep your skin healthier.

Grapes contain an antioxidant that may help stop skin cell damage. This antioxidant is found to be highest in red or purple grapes. So, if you loved the sun in your younger years and think thereís no hope to stop the effect itís having on your skin now, donít give up hope. Eat your grapes to combat those younger day mistakes.

Fruits and vegetables have always been known to be healthy for us. Now we have even more reasons to eat them. You might find you really do like the way they taste and you canít argue with the benefits you receive when you do.

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