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Sugar Alternatives

Often times when people go on diets they try to reduce their intake of sugars. People do this because sugar is high in calories and low in nutritional value. This change is not difficult to make due to artificial sweeteners. They give us the taste we long for without the calories. Many should ask themselves are these sweeteners safe for our health?

Sugar Alternatives Are They Really Safe

Multiple studies done over the past twenty years have answered that question with a resounding "no." Aspartame, also known as NutraSweet, has been linked to headaches, blindness, seizures, memory loss, depression, high blood pressure, metabolic disorders and even cancer.

There are many artificial sweeteners that pose serious health concerns. Saccharin, also known as Sweet 'N Low, was on the Food and Drug Administration's list of carcinogens. It is no longer on the list even though it was directly linked to bladder cancer in male rats. Ace-K or Sweet One contains the known carcinogen, methylene chloride. Methylene chloride can cause kidney and liver problems along with nausea, depression and headaches.

Many people are under the misconception that sucralose or Splenda is safe because it is derived from sugar. This artificial sweetener was accidentally discovered by scientists trying to develop a new pesticide. The methods that are used to extract sucralose produce chlorocarbons. Chlorocarbons are known to cause liver and kidney swelling and inflammation. This sweetener is known by the FDA to contain up to two percent impurities. These impurities include substances such as methanol, arsenic and heavy metals.

Why Do People Use Artificial Sweeteners?

Even with all of the health problems associated with artificial sweeteners they are still approved by the FDA. After numerous studies that proclaim dangers of these sweeteners the FDA continues to dismiss these findings. Their reasoning is lack of testing on humans and improper laboratory techniques. The FDA embraces the results of studies sponsored by the artificial sweetener industry. These industries claim that the products do not cause health problems.

Others place the blame of the approval of artificial sweeteners on conflicts of interest. Many people believe that FDA approval of unsafe products is common practice. It doesn't matter which you believe the findings of the studies on artificial sweeteners consistently show that they are definitely not safe.

It is completely up to us to avoid them. Not any time soon will they be pulling these artificial sweeteners and the products that contain them from the shelves. As an alternative and to stay away from these potentially dangerous foods, try eating naturally sweet foods such as fresh fruit. Honey actually makes a good sweetener and it could even save you from health problems or even your life.

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