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Tasty Backyard Grilling Condiments

Condiments these days are more then just mustard and ketchup. Many people don't want to settle for the same old stuff. Here are some condiment creations for you to try at your next backyard grilling adventure.

Tasty Backyard Grilling Condiments

Almost everyone these days is watching their weight. Health is very important if we plan on living to the ripe young age of ninety-five like many seniors today. The lower the fat content, calories and preservatives we take in the healthier our bodies will be.

Have you planned on offering salad or grilled vegetables on the menu? It would be great to whip up your own dressing to compliment them. Start off that dressing with some extra virgin olive oil. Next, you will want to add some vinegar and a few herbs and seasonings. Using fresh herbs is the way to go. These are available at your local supermarket or farmerís market.

Relish has taken on a new light these days. While pickle relish is good on hamburgers and hotdogs, it doesn't work so well for chicken, pork or beef. Mango and tomato relish will really dress up the pork chops. Pico de Gallo adds a little zing to grilled chicken breasts. For a sweet and tangy flavor use fruity relishes with a hint of cilantro creating a unique flavor.

There is no longer the need for mayonnaise. Pick up a container of sour cream and mix it with some dry salad dressing mix like ranch dressing. By using the fat free sour cream you will reduce the number of calories, for your guests who are health conscious, but it won't take away any of the taste they deserve. Try mixing in some chopped green, red or yellow peppers and onions if you like. This is your dressing so create something wonderful that your guests will love.

How about making your own barbeque sauce? A lot of people don't have the time for this, but try taking a simple barbeque sauce from the store and adding in some apricot preserves. This will create a combination of sweet and tangy that makes a perfect brush-on sauce for pork chops and chicken.

Create your own condiments by experimenting with different things and using your imagination. You will then find a new taste sensation that is all your own and may just be the hit of the neighborhood barbecues.

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