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Teanagers Learning Cook

It's never too late to help a child learn to cook. Food, especially tasty food, is a necessary part of our everyday lives. Teaching a child to cook nutritious satisfying meals will give them a big jump start on living on their own.

Teenagers Can Learn to Cook Too

Start by allowing these observant teenagers watch you prepare an evening meal. Give them suggestions and tidbits on how things should be done. Let them find the spices that are needed or the pans that are necessary to cook the food. Give them a shot at helping you clean up and in putting things away.

Once you have familiarized them with the kitchen let them help in preparing the meal. They can open cans, read the recipes, add the spices and many of the simpler things that may be involved.

Before allowing them to actually begin the full cooking process talk to them about safety and cleanliness. Explain to them why washing their hands is so important. Even as you begin your lessons make sure they wash their hands with soap and water every time they touch foods or utensils. Explain why washing their hands after handling raw meats is so important.

Teach them how to use knives in the correct manner. They need to know that the best knife is a sharp knife. Show them how to handle knifes both while cutting and chopping and when washing them. Talk to them about heat sources, how to position pans on the stove, the reason we use hot pads and how the smallest thing left in the wrong place can cause a major fire. Talk to them about handling grease and how to react if a fire should happen.

When the time comes for your teenager to actually start cooking a meal be sure to stay close. Find simple recipes that are easy to understand and prepare. Most importantly don't take over. Allow them to prepare, clean and cook the foods themselves. Give hints and answer questions when need be but let them make their own mistakes so they can learn.

Don't forget to teach them about cleanup too. Show them that it's much easier if you clean as you go. Let them know it's necessary to wipe off counters, tables and the stove. Also remember not to do the work for them. They may be a little off in the beginning but practice makes perfect so give them the chance.

Teaching your teenager about the kitchen and how to cook is important. It also gives you a chance to spend some one on one time with them. You may find that they have learned quite a bit from you over the years. Take some time and spend with your teenager in the comforts of your own kitchen.

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