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Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Thanksgiving is a time that we share a meal with family and friends. The centerpiece is the turkey but it is not the piece de resistance. Savoring the supporting players of the turkey is what we all look forward to. Here are some good ideas for making your turkey day side dishes delicious.

Flavorful Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Let's start with the spices. The spices sometimes literally get our blood boiling. Nutritionists often say that eating spicy foods increases our metabolism. On Thanksgiving Day that is a plus, when we tend to eat everything within our reach.

Crushed red pepper is a zesty spice. By stripping the seeds out of hot peppers you can create your own. The seeds are what create the fire in our mouth anyway. These seeds go great in or on top of a sausage stuffing.

Want to add greater flavor? Cinnamon and nutmeg will accomplish that. These two usually are part of a dessert. Actually they can be used to sweeten up side dishes. They go great in candied yams or carrots. This will be a different kind of treat this Thanksgiving.

Vegetables work well with herbs, especially fresh herbs. Why not blend in a few herbs into your mashed potatoes? Potatoes combined with garlic and melted butter make for a heavenly taste. Thyme or dill can be added to a cream sauce. This provides a tasty coverage for fresh green beans or asparagus spears.

Would you like to add some flavor to your rice dishes? Instead of plain water add some bouillon cubes and fresh herbs to the water. The herbs infuse flavor through each little piece of rice as it cooks. This works well when you steam vegetables and boil potatoes as well.

Sage is added to the turkey but it can also be added to the stuffing. Want to compliment the turkey and the gravy? Add a hint of sage and cracked black pepper in the cornbread stuffing. Every spice that you use on the turkey will end up in the end in the bottom of the roasting pan. This concentrated bit of flavor can be added to the gravy to liven up the taste.

Do not overdo it when you are adding flavor to your side dishes. You definitely don't want this to overshadow the natural taste of the food that everyone has come to love. Keep in mind that herbs and spices are meant to enhance food not take away from its original flavor.

What are your plans to compliment the turkey on Thanksgiving Day? Be sure that whatever side dishes and salads you choose to serve are the best that they can be. Instead of the same old same old, add some new sensations with a sprinkle of spice. It will wake up your taste buds as well as your guests.

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