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The Body for Life Plan - Is It the Complete Package?

This 12 week diet program is designed not only to help you lose weight but to maintain a fit body as well. Eating the right foods in the right amounts and exercising on a regular basis are the concepts instilled by its founder, Bill Phillips, also the founder of a company that makes nutritional supplements.

The Body for Life Plan - Is It the Complete Package?

How does the Body for Life Plan work? For the most part it is pretty simple. Set up with two different areas, one consisting of diet and the other detailing exercise, this plan is for the made for exactly what it says – the life of your body.

The diet area of the plan consists of eating six meals a day. To many this may seem like a lot of food, but as the plan sets out these meals are small portions and contains one portion of carbohydrates and one portion of protein. It also adds two vegetables to the meals consumed in a day. Because this diet is more for portion control than calorie intake and due to the lack of vegetables those who participate are also required to supplement their diet with vitamins. This will ensure they receive all the vitamins and minerals necessary to maintain a healthy body.

A typical day of meals will consist of things such a breakfast burrito, a nutrition bar, a turkey sandwich with an apple, a nutritional shake, grilled steak with steamed vegetables and a sweet potato and rice pudding. All meals are consumed with water except breakfast where a cup of coffee can be added instead of the water. So you see the meals are not large and 6 can be consumed easily in one day. These types of meals are eaten six days a week and the seventh day you are allowed to eat anything you like.

The exercise plan is pretty strict, but is necessary to maintain a healthy and active body. Exercise consists of strength training and cardiovascular exercise. The strength training involves the lifting of weights three times a week for forty-five minutes at a time. The cardiovascular portion is vigorous and is also done three times a week in twenty minute sessions.

This type of diet might not be for everyone. Is it the complete package? Only you will be able to answer that for your type of situation and lifestyle. Researching any diet is important and this one is no different.

Those interested should head to the Body Plan for Life website to see what all is involved. There is detailed and helpful information such as nutritional articles, food lists, meal plans, recipe finders and questions and answers on nutrition in general. If you decide to try the diet the first week’s menu is available for you to print right then and there.

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