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The Slim Fast Diet Explained

Many of us have heard about the Slim Fast Diet. We know that it consists of drinking a shake in substitution to eating a meal. However, thatís not the bottom line of this diet and finding out the facts is what is necessary to determine whether or not it is right for you.

The Slim Fast Diet Explained

The Slim Fast diet consists of placing powder into a glass of skim milk to drink in place of two meals per day. The varieties of shakes are in three flavors; vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. By substituting these shakes for breakfast and lunch and then consuming a 600 calorie meal while consuming eight glasses of water a day this weight loss plan can be easy to follow and apply to a daily routine.

The value of this type of diet is that not only is it easy to follow, but you donít have to count calories all day long and there are no meetings to attend. It has been proven to be an effective way to lose weight when combined with an exercise routine.

The Slim Fast diet has grown to include not only shakes but also soups and snack bars to give you some variety to the diet.

There are also some downfalls to this type of diet. Although the shakes taste good to some they donít have the texture of real food. This can lead people to still feel hungry and food deprived. It also lacks the fruits and vegetables needed to maintain a healthy body. Without these vitamins and minerals the body cannot fight off many illnesses that can plague it. Some people donít realize this because they are eating one actual meal each day and therefore ignore the fact that supplements are necessary.

Another downfall to this diet is that it is a quick fix. You lose the weight on this diet, but maintaining the weight loss can be a struggle. So for many they gain back the weight they lost and maybe even more. This diet has been said to be more suited for the less obese or for people who need to lose a small amount of weight in a short period of time.

Finding a diet that is suited to your needs can be a daunting chore. Being aware of the facts that all diets entail is important to make the right decisions concerning a weight loss plan for you personally. This diet may be the perfect one for you and your situation, but only you can determine that. Knowing the facts before hand can help with these choices and in maintaining a healthy weight loss program.

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