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The Value of Protein in Raw Milk

The Value of Protein in Raw Milk

Raw milk is very high in protein. What is protein? The dictionary describes proteins as “fundamental components of all living cells and include many substances, such as enzymes, hormones, and antibodies that are necessary for the proper functioning of an organism. They are essential in the diet of animals for the growth and repair of tissue and can be obtained from foods such as meat, fish, eggs, milk, and legumes.” Therefore having high levels of protein in our diet is very important to our well being.

To begin with, we know that pasteurized milk loses many of it’s vitamins, protein, and other nutrients and enzymes that are necessary for the body when it goes through the pasteurization process. Raw milk, which is not pasteurized, contains many of these nutrients in high levels. It also contains “good” bacteria that can protect us against many infectious agents or germs that cause illness such as the influenza virus, severe acute respiratory syndrome and even HIV.

Raw milk contains amino acids that build protein in our bodies. Protein can help rid the body of “bad” bacteria. This protein provides anti-bodies that can help prevent viruses and toxins from even entering the body. They also help keep the body from building bacteria on the teeth which results in fewer cavities.

Proteins from amino acids have many benefits to our health. They allow for the easy absorption of iron. The also contain anti-cancer and anti-viral properties. In order for amino acids to benefit the body, they need to be released slowly through the body. Raw milk contains protein that is eighty percent casein. Casein is important because it is digested slower through the body. With raw milk, the amino acids are released over a seven hour period of time. This helps to allow muscle growth. Because the body absorbs the protein slowly over hours, there is less likelihood that the protein will be suppressed, therefore allowing it to be used to the body’s maximum efficiency.

Protein is very valuable to our bodies and to maintaining good health. Drinking raw milk can be valuable because of the protein our bodies receive from it. It also contains enzymes that are made up from protein that works as an anti-bacterial agent. It might be wise to research the health advantages of drinking raw milk even further if you’re considering adding it to your diet. Remember, milk can do a body good – even if it’s raw.

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